30 Iqama Professions That Are Restricted to Saudi Expats in 2016

The most important thing in life is to life is to live happily with a job that can put bread on your table and provide the basic need for the survival of you and your family. The same applies for the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

It is apparent that it is virtually impossible to get into Saudi Arabia with your family without having a suitable job or enough income on neither Family Visit Visa nor the Permanent Visa. Although,  it is possible to change the profession on your Iqama if it is not suitable, in order to bring them in the country.

The number of professions reserved for Saudis is not limited and from time to time it is updated either some more are added or removed from the list. The most recent update has been reported by the Arab News which has stated the authorities in the kingdom have added to the list of professions reserved for Saudis nineteen more professions. This is by large the worst news for the expatriates since their employment opportunities have been limited.

Though the list has not been put out to the public or disclosed yet the expatiates are already under tension since they are prone to a high risk of having their jobs terminated by their employers. This leaves them with two options of either leaving their current job or applying for changing of profession.  It should be noted that the Ministry of Interior will not be undertaking renewal of Iqama for the added professions (written on the Iqama).

As an expatriate you should ensure that the profession on your Iqama is not the same as those reserved for Saudis while changing profession on Iqama. However, if you do the changing if it is reserved for the Saudis, then you might have troubles in future this is because the authorities conduct regular inspections of expatriates and in case you are on the wrong side you might land in trouble.

Therefore, it is of high importance to change the profession on your Iqama if it is reserved for the Saudis for your own safety. The known professions for Saudis are listed below;

  1. Employment Clerk
  2. Director of labor affairs
  3. Duty Clerk or Attendance Control Clerk
  4. Director of personnel relations
  5. Complaint Clerk or Claims Clerk
  6. Cashier
  7. Custom Broker or Custom Employee
  8. Female Sales Specialist for Ladies Shop
  9. Executive HR Manager
  10. Head of Personnel Department
  11. HR Manager
  12. Senior HR Coordinator
  13. Payroll Officer
  14. Compensation and Benefits Officer
  15. HR Director
  16. Training Manager
  17. Receptionist general
  18. Receptionist for hospitals
  19. Labor Affairs Manager
  20. Key Specialist
  21. Typist
  22. Time-Keeper
  23. Staff Relations Specialist
  24. Individual Affairs Clerk
  25. Staff Affairs Clerk or Personal Affairs Clerk
  26. Security Guard
  27. Representative or Broker
  28. Recruitment Clerk or Employment Clerk
  29. Receptionist for hotel
  30. Staff relations manager