4 Easy Ways To Help You Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Career

You might have deduced based on the title that this article is only meant for those who are currently in their middle years, only for those who are experiencing the so-called “midlife crisis”.

Well, you are not that totally wrong with your assumption since that is what the essence of this article pertains to.

But this is also especially helpful for the yuppies or young professionals. This article aims to give hope to those who are already in their midlife and at the same time, to guide those who are currently experiencing “quarter-life crisis”.

Unarguably, this article encompasses different generations since this tackles about two universal goals that everyone aims to achieve: passion and fulfillment.

For what are all our sacrifices and efforts while we are younger if not for the dream of a bright future where we can finally realize our aspirations and follow our passions?

Midlife or quarter-life, you might not be on either stage, but I know you can relate to this.

Try to flashback your life if you’re currently on the former stage, otherwise, try to assess your current situation and look forward to the direction of your future based on your assessment.

Your life story probably goes like this: you finished your degree and got employed in a reputable company. For the next twenty years, you focus all your efforts in obtaining knowledge and acquiring new experiences working your way up the corporate ladder and advancing your career.

You work hard every day to meet the demands of your superiors. You set aside your passion and instead of doing what you are really devoted about, you settle for the work that will give you affluence.

Why would you care if you are a young professional, highly paid and able to afford the luxuries that you just once dreamed of when you are still dependent on what your parents gave you?

It goes on like that every day until such time something poked you and realized that you already wasted a big chunk of your life doing your unsatisfying job.

Yes, it might have given you security and stability but still, your stomach churns and your soul hunger for those forgotten and disregarded passions.

All of a sudden you just want to quit your current job and start an entirely new career; on just a spur of the moment you suddenly have an epiphany of leaving your work behind; or you just want to stop stressing yourself about other people’s taxes and finances, pack your bags, do volunteer works and travel around the world.

Am I just being too profound and contemplative? Well, studies show that it was during midlife that you begin to assess the true value of your life.

This is during this stage that you experience deaths of older loved ones, feel physical and health changes due to aging and realize that you too, eventually must rest.

It is then you realize the importance of doing things that genuinely make you happy and fulfilled.

It is already not about living up to other people’s expectations. You just want to free yourself of that burden and start following a career that will match your passion and vigor.

Longer life expectancy also plays a part, too, with regards to midlife adjustments.

Sociologists say that at midlife, people realize that they still have half of their lives to pursue happiness.

They have already worked hard enough and now that they already have the means, midlife is the right time to pursue their unfulfilled dreams.

Further, studies showed that women are more prone to this mindset than men. It is maybe because they spend most or entirely their whole life caring for their children, attending to household duties and assisting their spouses in raising their families.

They were too busy meeting the demands of their roles rather than answering their callings.

At midlife, when all their children already have lives of their own, they already have the chance of having careers that match their passions, starting businesses, gaining self-respect, and pursuing their dreams.

Midlife should not be feared. It is a normal stage all of us go through for our own human development.

It is a call for action to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Changing career and lifestyle may not be easy but if in doing so would lead you to your true passion, then you will certainly reap the rewards.

So if you are ready to take the plunge, here are the tips on starting a successful second career.

As for the yuppies, these tips will also help you reflect on your current situation and prevent future setbacks and potential “crisis”. The following tips are yours for the taking.


1. Make an “environmental analysis” of your life.

Scan, monitor, assess and forecast your life. These are the essential factors to guide you to where you want to direct your life. Re-evaluate your current state and reflect on your life.

Make a bucket list of the things you want to do. Are there things you missed that give you that sinking feeling in your stomach? Are you yearning to revive your long-forgotten passions?

It could be learning ballet, playing guitar, entrepreneurship, volunteerism; anything that you truly desire to do.

Once you already identified your passions, think of achievable ways that you can incorporate them into your life.


2. It’s not about the money, money, money!

If money or familial responsibility is not an issue, how would you like to spend your life?

What activities would you engage in?  Most probably what will come into your minds are your passions.

So now that you have conceptualized your desires, it is up to you how you can materialize them with the resources you have.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to be happy and fulfilled with your life. Your bank account or the lack thereof does not commensurate your happiness.


3. Don’t stop working; just keep the ball rolling.

Pursuing your passion does not necessarily mean you have to quit your day job.

While your passion feeds your soul, your regular job is your source of income and buffer in your pursuit of your new career or business venture.

Your current job will serve as your cushion while you are still starting up in your new career. If you may, you can also work full-time and pursue your dreams during your free time.

This is the best thing to do especially if you are pursuing a dream that does not generate any income.


4. Act now!

Your younger years were spent in pursuit of financial stability and security.

It had already served its purpose and you’ve already sacrificed a lot. At middle age, you have no valid reasons to deny yourself of happiness and satisfaction. Do what it is that really gives deeper meaning to your existence.

Life indeed starts at forty, as always said. But for you yuppies, give yourself the advantage of starting early. You don’t have to wait ‘til you’re forty if you can now!

Get a life and really live it! Live a life with purpose and fulfill it.

You only got one so might as well make it meaningful.