How To Process 90-day UAE Visit Visa Application Online?

In a message addressed to the public, the Ministry of Interior urged everyone to apply for the visit visa or the 90-day Entry Permit in UAE online through e-services.

E-services can be accessed through different channels including the UAE-MOI smartphone app and Through this channel, the public can apply for a visit visa which will require sponsorship from an investor, a resident or a citizen.

Ministry of Interior Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs Department, Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hareb Al Khaiaili placed emphasis on the efforts exerted by his department for streamlining visa application procedures and reducing the effort and time exerted by their customers.

He delved into explaining that electronically issued entry permits are secure and this process is more convenient and streamlined as the advanced framework can only be accessed by someone with an Emirates ID card. Performance upgrades has been added to the smartphone application and the framework to increase the number of services that it can offer and to streamline processes to make them simpler and to ensure that everything can be completed immediately.

The Ministry of Interior’s Smart Government Program Executive Director Lt. Col.Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari stated that this is in line with the government’s vision towards an 80% reduction in the number of people visiting government centers by 2018. He added that this is part of the Smart Government initiative that will allow everyone to complete all the necessary transactions from the convenience of their homes with just their smartphones. The primary aim of this initiative is to increase awareness on how government agencies can make use of smartphone features.

Lt. Col. Al Shimmari requested the public to voice their suggestions by sending an email to or by dialing 8005000. He added that all suggestions are being considered by a specific committee and this is being considered as part of the development process in current and in future services.

The lead of the team that provides support for smart e-transition at the MoI’s Naturalization, Residency and Ports Department Lt. Col. Matar Kharbash said that the Entry Permits and Residency Department provide the services required for acquiring a visit visa or a 90-day entry permit. This department is responsible for issuing permits to relatives and friends who would like to visit a legal resident in UAE or to visit a public or a private legal person.

Application Process: How To Apply

This entry permit will allow someone to enter UAE for a specified time period and this could be a multiple or single entry visa. In a statement, he said, “In order to issue a long-term single entry visit visa for 90 days, with the sponsorship of the public sector and free zones, the applicant must fill out the e-form and attach a copy of the sponsored person’s passport, with a validity of not less than six months.”

In addition, he said that applicants should check the following: the signature, the facility’s card, the stamp and the card of the representative. Long-term applicants of the 90-day visit visa by means of private sector sponsorship should attach the eGate card and the license.

He emphasized that people applying for a GCC citizen or citizen sponsored single or multiple entry long-term 90-day visit visa are required to fill out the e-form. A copy of the sponsor and the sponsored person’s passport should be attached and it should have a validity of at least 6 months.

Should the sponsor be a resident or a member of the family, e-form attachments should include the following:

  • Certified copy of the marriage contract
  • For a child, certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A Dh1,000 band security deposit
  • Proof of having a health insurance
  • A copy of the sponsored person’s passport with, at least, a six-month validity
  • For a 90-day visit, a certified copy of the tenancy contract or the electric bill
  • For a 90-day visit, an eGate card with an attached copy of the sponsor’s passport


h/t: Emirates 24/7