The Average Salaries in UAE That You Need To Know in 2016, Now!

So what are the average salaries in UAE on different positions? Accordingly, one of the questions that we often like to ask friends and colleagues but never do is how much they are making?

Based on the survey conducted by Aon Hewitt, employees working across the UAE can look forward to a 5 percent increase in the average salary in 2016. What does this imply? Are you receiving enough money to begin with?

A 2015 salary guide for UAE has been developed by Hays, a Recruitment Agency. This will give you a firm idea how much salary is sufficient. Based on a survey involving 2,000 employees primarily for midlevel to high level positions in multinational companies and small enterprises, this data provides information on the salary range for more than 100 jobs.

The average salary for every job covers an expansive range; lower figures are paid by SMEs while those who are connected to multinational companies are earning higher salaries. This is an annual report that is produced by Hays and it covers some of the largest sectors in UAE. The figures for each sector can be found below and this is a great way to see if you are paid justly.


Marketing Salary

CMO: Dh52,000 – Dh100,000

Marketing Director: Dh30,000 – Dh59,000

Senior Account Manager: Dh22,000 – Dh27,000

Marketing Manager: Dh21,000 – Dh38,000

Digital Marketing Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Marketing Executive: Dh15,000 – Dh23,000

Social Media Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

Public Relations Executive: Dh13,000 – Dh20,000

Assistant Brand Manager: Dh12,000 – Dh15,500

Marketing Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh14,000

Account Manager: Dh9,000 – Dh12,000


Office Support Salary

General/Operations Manager: Dh30,000 – Dh50,000

Personal Assistant: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Executive Secretary: Dh13,000 – Dh22,000

Executive Assistant: Dh12,000 – Dh25,000

Legal Secretary: Dh11,000 – Dh23,000

Office Manager: Dh10,000 – Dh25,000

Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Team Assistant: Dh9,000 – Dh18,000

Reception: Dh6,000 – Dh16,000

Administration Assistant: Dh4,000 – Dh12,000


Construction Salary

C-Suite/Principal Level: Dh51,000 – Dh130,000

Senior Estimating Manager: Dh55,000 – Dh65,000

Commercial Manager: Dh45,000 – Dh68,000

Senior Contracts Manager: Dh40,000 – Dh55,000

Senior Cost Manager: Dh37,000 – Dh42,000

HSSE Manager: Dh35,000 – Dh80,000

Senior Quantity Surveyor: Dh28,000 – Dh46,500

Senior Project Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh65,000

Contracts Manager: Dh24,000 – Dh40,000

Project Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh46,000

Construction Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh48,000

Cost Manager: Dh17,000 – Dh35,000

Quantity Surveyor: Dh15,000 – Dh35,000


Engineering Salary

Senior Electrical Engineer: Dh32,000 – Dh40,000

MEP: Dh27,000 – Dh55,000

Senior Civil Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh50,000

Resident Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh55,000

Quality Assurance Engineer: Dh17,000 – Dh20,000

Project Engineer: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Planning Engineer: Dh12,500 – Dh55,000

Electrical Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


Facilities Salary

Senior Facilities Manager: Dh30,000 – Dh42,000

Facilities Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh28,000


Property Management Salary

Senior Development Manager: Dh50,000 – Dh65,000

Senior Commercial/Leasing Manager: Dh38,000 – Dh60,000

Commercial/Leasing Manager In-house: Dh24,000 – Dh30,000

MRICS Valuations Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Property Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh40,000


Human Resources Salary

HR Director (Group): Dh40,000 – Dh80,000

Senior HR Manager/Director: Dh35,000 – Dh49,000

L&D Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh35,000

Talent Management: Dh25,000 – Dh40,000

C&B Manager: Dh22,000 – Dh37,000

Recruitment Manager: Dh21,000 – Dh50,000

HR Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh36,000

HR Generalist: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

HR Advisor: Dh13,000 – Dh15,000

Recruitment Specialist: Dh12,500 – Dh20,000

HR Admin Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

HR Officer/Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

Recruitment Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000


 IT Salary

Head of IT/IT Director: Dh35,000 – Dh65,000

Information Security Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh45,000

Network Architect: Dh15,000 – Dh50,000

IT Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

Project Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

Systems Analyst: Dh12,500 – Dh22,000

Business Analyst: Dh12,000 – Dh37,500

Technical Team Leader: Dh12,000 – Dh25,500

System Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh22,000

Software Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh20,000

Network Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh19,000

IT Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Network Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


h/t: Shortlist Dubai