2 Brilliant Ways To Balance Your Family Life While Working Overseas

Balance your family life: One of the most prevalent issues encountered is the difficulty in balancing work and having a family. Being a career-oriented person, a partner and a parent entails a lot of difficulties and issues. How much more if you are working away from your family?

How difficult it would be to keep track the family activities and guide your children as they grow up when you are working miles away from them? It’s not impossible to be successful in both aspects, but a lot of difficulties will come across which can overwhelm not only you but also your family.

No matter how hard you try to balance both sides, there always seems to be tradeoffs and neglecting one of your responsibilities is sometimes inevitable.

Parents who have works or upcoming projects to finish often succeed in beating the deadlines, but at the same time, often remorseful on not spending quality time with their kids or their romantic partners. This is also true on the reverse situation.

Many working parents are somehow afraid to, essentially, put their family on top priority on certain situations, for the fear of losing their works and be unemployed.  If it happens that you are also dealing with the same issues or if you find yourself in these kinds of situations, then you might want to continue reading this article.

This is intended to help you go about balancing the demands of having a family and a career overseas.


1. Draw the line

How To balance you Work Overseas When You Have a Family

One way that can help you on your dilemmas is by drawing a line between your family and your important career and as much as possible, do not cross that line.

You must set aside time for both and if at all possible, try and establish hours just for work or work-related tasks, and also set time just for family matters.

The latter is really important for expats who must make sure that their presence and support to their family will never wane even if they are not physically present at their homes.  With that in mind, it is important that you leave work at the office.

This will give you the opportunity to focus on your family, especially when you are at home or spending your time with them. If you need to render overtime work in order to finish the deliverables, it is advised that you do so, especially if failure to meet the deadline will put your position at risk.

This is often what is difficult especially for many breadwinners who rely on their income. It can be fearful not to prioritize their jobs.

It is really inevitable that you sometimes went off balance, but you must make sure that you have your family’s understanding and support.

2. Set the best time

How To balance you Work Overseas When You Have a Family

As you had already established your hours for work, do not forget the other end of the balance. You must not forget the reason why you are working so hard in the first place. Set a family time to reconnect with your family.

This is also really important when you want to catch up and make up for the lost times and missed occasions. While your days don’t have to be planned out hour by hour, it would be great to at least develop a little schedule.

This schedule could include new activities for the family to try like taking the kids to a trip to the zoo or days that you may want to spend visiting relatives and family friends.

With plans already in hand and in place, there is a high probability that you are to follow through with them.

Your family, and of course you, would be most likely pleased with your efforts. In that way, they would no longer feel neglected and will support you more with your work.

As long as they do not feel robbed of your time, they will not feel bad if you have to sometimes prioritize your work over them.

Even if raising a family is always linked to spending time with the kids, that is not all what parenthood is all about. In that case, you always find your day to day schedule full of different tasks that might be overwhelming.

These tasks may include sending your kids to school everyday, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, fixing the roof, or Skyping with your family, especially for expats.

Consider hiring an assistant, a nanny or a house help to reduce the stress associated with these tasks, as well as give you more quality time to spend with your family.

“The finest line a man can walk, is between success at home and success at work.”

These are just some of the many ways that can help you balance your career and family life.

Although it may seem impossible at the beginning, especially if you just recently got a new job, had your first child or your first time to work overseas, it is more than possible for you to excel at work and have a happy and healthy family life at home.