How to Cancel Your Saudi Exit Re-Entry Visa Online?

You have just paid for the exit re-entry visa in whatever forms (online or manual) and excited to go out of the country then suddenly, you have to change plans. Now, as an expat, one of the most important things for you to do is to cancel the visa. Knowing how to cancel your visa is as important as knowing how to apply for it since penalties as much as SR 3,000 may be imposed.

The following information will explain the importance of cancelling the exit re-entry visa; as well as the step-by-step procedure on how to do the cancellation.

Why do you need to cancel the visa?

Once your exit re-entry visa has been issued, you are required 90 days or before the expiration of the last date of travel indicated on your visa, whichever of the two comes first.

If you are unable to cancel your visa and it expires, you need to pay for the penalty. It is best to avoid penalty through cancellation of the visa since doing it will not cost you anything at all. Although doing this, the amount you paid for the processing of the exit re-entry visa cannot be refunded. And if there’s any violation, you will be penalized and required to pay the following:

  • SR 1,000 – penalty for first offense
  • SR 2,000 – penalty for second offense
  • SR 3,000 – penalty for third offense


How to cancel your Saudi exit re-entry visa online or from your Absher account?

  1. Through the Ministry of Interior website, log-in to your Absher account.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click “Passport” tab.
  3. Choose “Dependents” on the drop down list that will appear.


**All dependents under you will appear on the screen. Click the tab labeled “More Details.” It will show all details of each one of your dependent. You have to click the “More Details” tab as shown in the screenshot below.

**Another screen will appear. Scroll down until you see a tab “Cancel Visa.” This is usually found at the end portion of the details. Simply click the tab if you really want to cancel the visa. Make sure that you want to cancel the visa before clicking on the tab because you’ll need to apply for a new visa once the old one is cancelled. Kindly check on the screenshot below for the illustration of the procedure.