10 Career Choices You Will Regret In 20 Years

Most often, we always want to stand out on our jobs and impress our bosses that we make several career choices that can change our career path. Our choices and decisions over the course of time we are on our jobs will either make or break our career, hence, we do our best to choose and decide what is appropriate and what can make us better.

These choices can either be a yes or a no; a leap or a downfall; right or wrong. Here are some of the choices that a person normally do but will regret 20 years after:

1. Pretending someone you are not

You want to impress your boss and colleagues but that doesn’t mean that you need to9 be someone else other than yourself. If your boss likes basketball and you don’t, there’s no need for you to pretend and say you like it as well. Not only are you lying to your boss but you are putting yourself on dangerous grounds. What if your boss asks you what you think about Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? Do you have an answer to that? Once you pretend to be someone else, you are just risking yourself to look like a fool. Always remember this, being yourself means gaining more respect from the people around you.

2. Making money the center of everything

You work because you need to earn money. That’s a fact. But do not ever make money the center of everything. If you talk about project proposal budgets or your personal salary, always remember that it’s not all about numbers and there are more things to consider like the amount of work and time. You may earn a big amount for a certain project but if the time given is limited, will you still take it? Not only will you jeopardize the project if you are unable to finish it on time but you will also earn a bad impression from your client all because of your “love” for the money that the project can bring.

3. Settling

You have a good job with a good salary and good benefits but will you stop at that? Contentment is good but sometimes you need to have more ambition and aim for the best. Why settle for good when you can have the best?

4. Believing you can alter something about what you do

If you have a lot of what ifs on the work that you are doing now, then you’d better let it go. Always remember that there are a lot of things that you cannot change no matter how you want to.

5. Prioritizing your family and friends last

You may be focused on your career too much that you start neglecting what’s more important – relationships. These relationships do not pertain to your colleagues at work or your bosses, these relationships are the ones you have with your family and friends. Remember that there are there to support you and cheer you up when you are too stress and too tired from work. Take important note of this, when a person loses his support system, he’ll start to lose everything… including career. So you’d better nurture these relationships as it will also help nurture your career.

6. Working for long overtime hours a week

You may need the overtime fee or you need to impress your boss and finish a lot of work. But remember that you are a person who needs to rest too. Do not screw your health just because you need to work long hours. When you look back in your life after 20 years, you might hear yourself saying, “I wished I had more fun time in my youth.”

7. Micromanaging everything

It’s okay to plan and it’s okay to organize but take note that not everything can happen according to your will. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow to make everything worthwhile.

8. You don’t value your happiness

Here’s the deal, everyone should be happy every day. If you are not happy with what you are doing right now, move on and find what makes you happy. Do not wait for 20 years and regret that you were not happy with what you do. Remember that happiness is also a key to success and your positivity will help you do more work and achieve great things.

9. Me and only me thinking

If you always think about yourself, you are being selfish and selfish people do not succeed. Try to help others and trust me, you  can achieve a more things that you can possibly imagine and you will have a sense of fulfillment that when you look back after 20 years, you can say to yourself that you have been a good person not only for yourself but for others as well.

10. Avoid making mistakes

You may be happy if you do things correctly because it only means that you are capable and efficient on your job. But the sad truth about that is the fact that you are not learning. Not making mistakes mean that you are not taking any risk and not going outside the box. Mistakes will help you improve as a person. Do not be afraid to do wrong. Mistakes are okay. Just make sure that you learn from them and do not repeat the same mistakes again and again.