10 Easy Tips for Interviews That Will “NOT” Help You Land a Job!

Tips for interviews: Getting an interview is already quite a challenge for anyone who is searching for an employment. Being on a face-to-face interview can be even more stressful and difficult especially if you lack preparation.  Indeed, your interview can either make or break you.

So here are the ten most critical mistakes that people commit when interviewing for a position:

1. Being late

Arriving late to your interview is an instant deal-breaker. It creates a strong negative first impression. You are expected to be in your best behavior when you are still in the application process since it is the time that you prove yourself worthy of the vacant post. Being late gives an impression that you are not reliable and that you’ll be always late in going to your work.

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Distance Learning Education: 3 Major Factors to Achieve Success, Overseas!

Distance Learning Education: It seems that college degrees and diplomas are used as filters in today’s job market. Employers are profiling their applicants and screening the resumes they receive based on educational attainment.

Well, you may have the best intentions in finishing your degree and getting a college diploma but as much as you had wanted a straight path, the wheels shifted and brought you somewhere else. This is sad but true especially to those who are below the poverty lines.

A college degree may have been their way out of their destitute lives, but they just can’t find the means to support their education. Most end up quitting school and working to support not only themselves but also their families.

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How Online Iqama Services Trickles Local Agents’ Business

The Passport Department’s online services which includes residence permit renewals among other services linked to expat workers, are putting muageb or local agents, out of business. These agents had an “essential” role for expatriates since they are the ones who comply with the processes needed for iqama renewal.

This online Iqama portal allows employers to shorten the requirements for renewing the iqama or the residence permit. In 2013, numerous expat workers were highly dependent on their sponsor for the renewal of their permit. The minimum payment to these agents for completing the documentation requirements was SR5,000.

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Work-Related Stress: Know Them Before it Burns You Out

Work-related stress: does your job stress you out causing your depression and anxieties? What will you do if you have a stressful career?

Your career is an important aspect of your life and you can’t just easily quit. Maybe there’s no need of quitting; you just need to face the problem head-on.  So here are some of the ways on how you can deal with your career anxieties.

1.Working environment

When Your Career Becomes Very StressfulGiphyStart

Start by determining the reasons why your career makes you stressed out. It may be some aspects of your career that need a little “massaging” or you just need a break. It could also be that you really have to find a new job.

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The Only Powerful Tool You Need To Quit Your Job, Now!

Quit your job: I don’t have the facts, but I have a rough estimate that there are about 25% of people who do not like their jobs. Thinking that they have no other options, most people just settle with jobs that are available for them.

This often results in unsatisfied and unmotivated workers. Yet, they still continue to work to support not only themselves but also their families. This is usually the case of those who are either lacking in educational background and whose skills and knowledge fall short of what is required of their “dream job”.

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6 Efficient Ways To Help You Combat Stress While Working Overseas

How to combat stress: Are you a worrier? Are the everyday burdens and challenges taking their toll on you? Do you always feel overwhelmed and exhausted of everything that you never have enough time to accomplish all that is required of you?  Are your workmates giving you a hard time? Are you faring well in dealing with the intercultural workplace environment?

Well, you are not an exception.

All of us undergo stress and pressure in surviving everyday struggles and coping with the demands of 21st century living.

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One Thing A Recruitment Manager Will Not Tell You, Right In Your Face

Generally, formal employment reference check  conducted by Human Resources (HR) managers only yield sparse information on the prospective candidates.

Only limited and basic information are provided and most often, hiring managers lack enough data to make informed hiring decisions. Most of the time the employment verification conducted by HR managers will only return information about the candidate’s past employment such as the starting date, position and responsibilities held and last day of employment.

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3 Essential Sections in Your Resume That Will Get You A Job

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes from various applicants who are vying for an employment. When the competition is this tight, how can you make sure that recruiters would notice your resume and receive proper consideration?

Here are the elements of making a powerful resume which will help increase your chances of getting an interview and eventually landing your dream job.

1. Building Your Professional Brand

3 Things In Your Resume That Will Get You A Job


Creating your professional identity is considered the most essential element of a winning resume yet most applicants fail to develop.

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7 Major Fail-Proof Considerations Before Quitting Your Job

Eager in quitting your job? Firstly, before you ask on how to do it, consider that today’s world is based on work.

You may be either employed and work for a company or working on your own business, or both.

You could also be owning someone else’s business, and let that work for you. It’s all about working for yourself, working for someone else and letting others work for you.

Everything seems all about work that you seem to forget to live your life.

So you like working, huh?Are you enjoying going to work everyday riding on a cramped bus or train or driving your own wheels waiting hours for the traffic to clear out?

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4 Aspects You Need To Master To Easily Achieve Work-Life Balance, Now!

“Achieve a work-life balance” well, it is not something that I can easily fulfill,unlike a friend who is, I can say, a guru of this subject.

I just survived a week of hard work, busy schedules, long hours and exhaustion. When I look back to the past week, everything seems like a blur. Maybe I’m just too spent to remember my goals and progress for the week.

Working hard does us good but we also need to take a break, unwind and contemplate. What for are the fruits if our labor if we will not be able to enjoy them?

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