61 Best Teacher Memes On The Internet That Are Completely Accurate

A superhero is someone who has special powers. They accomplish an exceptional endeavor of turning terrible situations into great acts of heroism. Because of that, teachers are considered as superheroes. They are real and they exist in the lives of children all over the planet.

Teachers sacrifice many things for their students. They work long hours, use their own resources, risk looking crazy to help their student remember facts. They bring their work everywhere. They also protect their students from the negative influences that abound. They create learning environments and they offer guidance and emotional sustenance.

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29 DIY Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy, All Summer

1. Tie a basket on your child’s bike.Tie a dollar-store basket to the front of your kid's bike.


2. Baskets are also great for planning summer activities.Dollar-store baskets are also great for organizing outdoor summer fun.


3. Make a hideout using a hula hoop and a bed sheet.Make one of these awesome hideouts using a hula hoop and a bedsheet.

4. Turn pool noodles into an obstacle course.Turn pool noodles into a backyard obstacle course.

5. Turn your pool noodle into a sprinkler.You can also DIY a pool noodle into a sprinkler.

6. You can make an ice cream bar using a shaker’s jar.Make an unforgettable ice cream bar by putting sprinkles and crushed cookies in shaker jars.

7. Make a big tic-tac-toe game using a shower curtain, tape, and a Frisbee.DIY this backyard tic-tac-toe game with a shower curtain, tape, and Frisbees.

8. Make a chore basket for your kids.Make sure your kids pull their weight by turning these dollar-store staples into chore baskets.

9. Kids will enjoy freeing the frozen dollar-store toys and trinkets.Freeze dollar-store toys and trinkets in water to make “ice eggs.”

10. Use your stackable bin as a doll swing.Transform a stackable bin into a doll swing.

11. Make a large bull’s eye target game using sponges and chalk.Dollar-store sponges and chalk are all you need to turn your driveway into a bull’s-eye target game.

12. Use sponges to keep your kids cool while playing.


18 Photos That Only People With Sisters Will Understand

Most of us know what it feels like to grow up with a sibling but not everyone knows what it is like to have a sister. It doesn’t matter how many little fights you get in, the times you take each other’s clothes or the times you said you hate each other. So here are some pictures that only people with sisters will understand:

1. When you are meddling with her things.

2. When she caught you wearing her shirt:

When you try to leave the house wearing her shirt: Twitter: @growingupsister

3. When you caught her wearing yours:

4. When you hit her unintentionally:

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19 Foods That Will Make All OFWs Cringe And Wish They Were Home

1. Philippine Mango with Salty Shrimp Paste.

Most countries have their own native mangoes, sure. But Filipinos know deep down that nothing will ever come close to the sweet juicy nectar of those grown in the Philippines. And green mangoes topped with bagoong (salty shrimp paste)…yes, please!

2. Bibingka.

Some companies have attempted quick-mix bibingka batter so Filipinos abroad can get a taste of home. Those who have tried it, though, still look for the burnt taste only achieved by cooking this Philippine version of pancakes in terracotta pots. Best served with salted egg, melted butter and coconut shavings. Mmmm.

3. Puto bumbong.

How can you say no to those royal violet-coloured rice cakes that complementbibingka so perfectly?

4. Ube (purple yam).

 …Another violet deliciousness – ube is in a lot of Filipino dishes. It’s can be a topping in halo-halo (mixed fruit dessert), a flavour of a cake or a pie, or eaten on its own or with a bit of milk on it.

5. Chicharon bulaklak.

A deep-fried snack made from pork innards, this is one half of the deadly drinking session combo (the other half being beer, of course!).

6. Queso de bola.

There’s a reason the similar-looking Dutch Edam cheese doesn’t taste quite likequeso de bola.

In the days prior to airplanes (and when the Treaty of Tordesillas was international law), this popular delicacy had to be transported from Europe to East Asia via exploratory ships. For the cheese to actually last the journey, a lot of salt had to be added. Henceforth, the birth of Philippine queso de bola.

7. Pan de sal.

The pan de sal is a Filipino staple that’s not just your ordinary dinner roll. Literally translated as “bread of salt”, this humble bread can be eaten on its own.

8. Kape barako.

Ooooh, the sweet aroma of the barako. All those fancy beans can never replicate the strong bitterness of this coffee variant.

9. Pancit Malabon. Or Palabok.

Not that pancit Malabon or pancit Palabok can’t be replicated outside the Philippines. It just takes a lot of effort and a lot of ingredients – it makes the local panciterias look like masterchefs.

10. Jollibee.

Filipino expats in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore are so lucky to have this within their reach. But those living elsewhere need to wait until they go home before they can once again reunite with the Philippines’ #1 fast food chain.

11. Fish balls.

If fish balls sold on the streets aren’t your cup of tea, you still know that those homemade ones need to have that special who-even-knows-what-they-are-made-of sweet and sour sauce.

12. Dirty ice cream.

sorbetes dirty ice cream

Pinas Social

It’s not actually dirty (sometimes). Though this kind of ice cream just cannot be replicated by those store-bought brands. Not even close. Also, cheese ice cream is only really good when it’s bought from those push carts.

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11 Famous Cartoon Characters With Their Arabian Twist That Will Make You Drool!

Famous cartoon characters with an Arabian twist: An Arab guy who hails from Jordan-Palestine and who currently resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was driven by his appreciation of the Muslim culture for creating a series of cartoon illustrations.

Say hello to well-loved cartoon characters that look different this time as they all come with an Arabian twist.

h/t: naharbahij.com

The Simpsons Family

Our favorite dysfunctional family is clad in Saudi costume while enjoying dates and Arabian coffee.

Family Guy

The Griffin Family looks picture perfect in their Arabian suits.

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35 Breathtaking Satellite Images That Will Change How You See Our World

In an effort to transform how we see our world, Daily Overview came up with a project where they share satellite images taken from Digital Globes every day.

Highly inspired by the experience from Overview Effect, this project will change your perspective through a cognitive shift of how you see the world in the same manner that astronauts do when it is their first time to see the Earth from outer space.

Organizers behind this project aspire that: “The mesmerizing flatness seen from this vantage point, the surprising comfort of systematic organization on a massive scale, or the vibrant colors that we capture will hopefully turn your head.”

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42 Stunning Places That Should Be in Your Bucket List. See Them Before You Die!

Progress and technological advancement, irrespective of how advanced they are, wouldn’t prevent you from getting weary of the loud city sounds, the stress and the sea of people. Eventually, the desire to be in a place to commune with nature kicks in.

Our planet has been permanently transformed due to urban development but not everything has been lost. There remains to be a lot of wonderful mountains, clear lakes and majestic oceans with awesome islands. Planet Earth is not devoid of natural sceneries that will take your breath away; they are just hiding in some corner waiting to be discovered.

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These Are the Biggest Reasons Why Expats Choose to Stay and Work Longer, in the Gulf

Expats Working in Gulf: In a report based on the Middle East Management Study by Invesco, one of the world’s largest independent investment managers, Western expatriates employed by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations have an average length of stay of 12.9 years.

This increase Westerner’s length of stay, three quarters of which are UK citizens, is the Gulf’s very low rates for personal taxes. On the other hand, the length of stay in the region’s Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) is 18.1 years which is attributed to the low value added tax and corporate taxes. Meanwhile, Arab expats including Lebanese and Egyptian have a length of stay of 16.9 years owing to the stability and security provide by the Gulf.

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This Insane and Satirical Depiction of World’s Police Will Make You Question Their Worth? Reactions!

Gunduz Agayev revealed a series of illustrations of police officers from different parts of the globe where there are reported cases of human rights violations including China, Great Britain, India, Iran, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey and Russia among others.

Some of them are drawn as “good police” but most of these drawings have a critical and satirical undertone.

Police in Iran

Police in Australia

Police in Netherlands

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