How to Apply Online for Hajj in Saudi Arabia?

Hajj is an Islamic pilgrimage that is observed every year in Mecca and it is a religious duty of a Muslim to perform even once in their lifetime.

This activity is only for adult Muslims who are financially and physically stable to undertake the journey. The Muslim should also be able to support his family while performing the pilgrimage and not to spend all their money on it.

Today, it is not too hard to perform Hajj because you don’t have to face the difficulties of traveling from long distances. Performing Hajj is very easy if you are from Saudi Arabia. If a Muslim from another country wants to perform Hajj, he must have his passport at all times. The following are the basic procedures on how how to apply online for Hajj from Saudi Arabia.

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How to Get Hajj Permit for Family Visit Visa Holders in the Kingdom?

Residents with certain professions are allowed to bring their family with them to Saudi Arabia on family visit visa. It is issued 1 to 3 months and it can be extended up to 180 days. People are bringing their families to Saudi Arabia before Ramadan and go to Makkah and Madina to worship. Some have intentions to keep them until Hajj time.

The Saudi government stop issuing the family visit visa a month before the Ramadan. As the Ramadan starts, they also stop the extension of family visit visa. This is to prevent this family visit visa holder to perform Hajj. Family visit visa holders are not allowed to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi government. In other words, you can’t get Hajj permit for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

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How to Check Hajj Eligibility Through MOI Website?

According to the Ministry of Haj in Saudi, there are about 1.8 million pilgrims who arrived and 500,000 more people with visas are still to come. Incoming pilgrims include 455,000 Egyptians and 333,000 Pakistanis just for the first quarter alone of 2016.

Now if you are coming in the Kingdom for this activity, this article will help you identify the procedure of checking if someone is eligible to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. This procedure is exclusive for residents of Saudi Arabia or Saudi Nationals.

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How to Apply for an Exit Visa for a New Born Child in Saudi?

The birth of your baby should be one of the most memorable, life-changing, and joyful experiences of your life. You will want to spend time thinking through the details of your hopes and desires for this special event.

And when you are an expat, giving birth in Saudi Arabia is not easy to do especially if your wife don’t have health insurance. And if after birth your wife decides to go home, there are procedures that you need to follow so that they can easily go back to your home country.

1. If your wife is expecting to give birth within the next 30 days, follow these steps to register your baby in KSA on time. You must get an appointment from Ahwal-Madni. You can get an appointment through online if you have an account on MOI website. You need to contact the Ahwal e Madni of the city where your child has taken birth.

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How to Check Status of Family Visit Visa in Your Home Country?

Once your family submitted all the documents needed to the agent in your home country, this agent will send the documents to Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate.

Now, what you need to do is to check if the visa has been stamped on passport so that you can book a ticket for your family to visit you in Saudi Arabia.

Just visit the Enjaz website and enter your details. You need to enter the application number issued by MOFA, the passport number of the applicant and the image code.

If the application is stamped and approved by the Saudi Embassy in your home country, you will receive a message notifying you of the approval.

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How to Apply for Saudi Family Visit Visa Online?

Saudi Arabia is said to be a dry place where there are limited options for outdoor activities that is why ‘single’ people who are living in Saudi Arabia are trying to bring their family in KSA to spend quality time with them. Once you are with your family here, your life will change into an interesting one.

There are two options in bringing your family here. First option is to bring your family through a permanent visa and the second option is through a family visit visa. If their stay is short, then the family visit visa is the best option.

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How to Come Back to Saudi Arabia When You Have an Unpaid Bank Loan?

This article is for those expatriates who left Saudi Arabia, with an unpaid amount of debt and still payable to the bank. The question is, can you still enter the Kingdom without jeopardizing your status? Is it possible that you can come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa if you have an unpaid loan/credit card debt? Well, below are the certain steps that you need to know.

1. If you had an unpaid loan/debt and you left for an exit, and you want to come back with your new visa, the first thing you have to do is to check if the bank has filed a complaint against you.

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How to process 5 Year Multiple Entry Business Visa for Saudi Arabia

First of all, it is difficult to have a 5-year multiple entry business visa in Saudi Arabia. However, If you are a business man and you would like to visit Saudi Arabia more often, your travel to Saudi Arabia will surely be made easier.

Below are the fundamental procedures (take note that processes might change as of this writing). And if you will not follow the instructions properly, you will face difficulties. Also, it is not easy to acquire a visa in Saudi Arabia and if you have one, then you are blessed.

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How to Apply for a Saudi Business Visit Visa?

If you want to visit Saudi Arabia for a business purpose, you need to have a business visit visa on your passport. Business visit visa is different from investor’s visa offered by many countries.

Inventor’s visa is granted by the government to companies who want to invest in their country. You need to have a sponsor to have a business visit visa in Saudi Arabia. This could be an establishment and not an individual. And if you want to apply for a business visit visa from your country, there is a procedure to be followed.

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How to Transfer to a New Company Without Transferable Iqama?

There are two main options for someone who wants to switch jobs in Saudi Arabia. First, you can ask your sponsor to transfer your sponsorship to the new employer or, you can ask your new employer to issue a new visa to you. Either way, will work.

Accordingly,  this article aims to inform you about all the complications in this situation and to better guide you how to get a new visa (new company) after the Final Exit Visa (old/former company). It is assumed that you are already working in Saudi Arabia.

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