In the Next Two Years, Saudi Arabia Will Start Taxing It’s People

Saudi Value Added Tax (VAT): After huge expenses related to military activities coupled with a dip in the price of oil in the global market, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) made the decision to impose VAT.

In a decision to implement a radical shift in their policies, for the first time, 6 states in the Gulf decide to tax their citizens.

GCC is considered as a federation, albeit a loose one, that includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the report in The Times, global investment funds which amounted to tens of billions in dollars have been withdrawn by Saudi Arabia in an effort to reduce its budget deficit.

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Engineers Are Now Required To Take SCE Test Before Getting An Iqama

In a statement, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Head of the Engineering Offices, Talal Samarqandi, that all expat engineers in Saudi Arabia are required to undergo a series of examinations before obtaining work permits and licenses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In an earlier announcement made by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), they found out that 1200 engineers who worked in the Kingdom are fraudulent or fake.

All foreigners or expats entering the Kingdom using an engineer’s visa had the visa changed if they were not real engineers. Furthermore, Samarqandi mentioned that their aim is to ensure that every professional engaged in the engineering industry were real ones and not frauds. He added that of the 200,000 engineers in Saudi Arabia, 1200 submitted certificates that were either fake or fraudulent. Currently, all engineers are accredited and there is a new system in development to differentiate the fake engineers from the real ones.

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People Taking Pictures on the Streets of Saudi Will Be Fined SR 500,000

Street photography is one hobby that a lot of people share these days given the convenience provided by smartphones that come equipped with a camera. Needless to say, there are instances when pictures are used for cyber crimes or to violate the rights of people through the web.

Social media in particular is one place to share pictures which may possibly violate the rights of other people especially when the photo is taken without their consent or permission. Pictures can be used for blackmail although uploading someone else’s picture may just be construed as a mistake. For instance, if you take a picture with some stranger in the background and that stranger complains, he has a right to sue you.

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These Are the Biggest Reasons Why Expats Choose to Stay and Work Longer, in the Gulf

Expats Working in Gulf: In a report based on the Middle East Management Study by Invesco, one of the world’s largest independent investment managers, Western expatriates employed by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations have an average length of stay of 12.9 years.

This increase Westerner’s length of stay, three quarters of which are UK citizens, is the Gulf’s very low rates for personal taxes. On the other hand, the length of stay in the region’s Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) is 18.1 years which is attributed to the low value added tax and corporate taxes. Meanwhile, Arab expats including Lebanese and Egyptian have a length of stay of 16.9 years owing to the stability and security provide by the Gulf.

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75 Items That You Are Prohibited From Bringing to Saudi Arabia’s Airport

Any person who is traveling to Saudi Arabia needs to be aware about the common items that are banned in the Kingdom’s airport.  You surely do not want any sort of inconvenience and penalties.

Firstly, upon arriving in the Kingdom, you will have to go through the necessary processes.

  • First, you have to proceed to the international terminal for inspection
  • Next, you have to present your passport. First timers are required to undergo finger printing.
  • All luggages are placed on the Xray machine for examination, manual inspection may be made for a suspected luggage that may contain prohibited items.
  • After a luggage is examined, proceed to the exit gate .

Take note that most items related to religious worship of a religion other than Islam is not generally allowed. Alcohol and pork containing items are strictly prohibited. You are also running the risk of being beheaded if dangerous drugs and narcotics are found in your possession. So be very careful and just follow the rules.

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Unleashed: The World’s Biggest Hotel is in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its over the top decadence.  Whether that is proven by the architecture, lavish lifestyles, or the growing business sector from that portion of the world, it is no surprise that the world’s largest hotel would begin construction in this nation.  The Abraj Kunda, world’s biggest hotel,  will open in Mecca in 2017, will house ten thousand bedrooms, seventy restaurants, and four helipads.  The hotel itself will be forty five stories tall, and it will be composed of twelve fortress style towers.  Not a bad place to lay your head!

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Saudization Policy and The 3 Major Issues of Recruitment Industry

Saudization Policy is one of the most challenging or, should I say, toughest areas for recruiters in order to find the best local talent available in the Kingdom, nowadays.

In recruitment or HR parlance, a ‘local’ would mean a citizen or a national living in his own country. Although I am physically living in the country and has the right to stay or work, I cannot be considered as a local.

And since the population of the country is less, citizenship is the main issue for recruitment specialists like me.

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This Fact Justifies Why There’s Less Number of Saudi Engineers in the Kingdom

Jamil Al-Bagawi, Saudi Council of Engineers’ Chairman of the Board, made an alarming statement that Saudi Engineers only account for 14.8% at 35,000 compared to the number of expat engineers in the Kingdom which is already at 200,000.

The data is based on the number of engineers registered with the council and Al-Bagawi stated that such figures pose numerous challenges to the entire industry although it is practically a problem for the council. Needless to say, there is a huge opportunity for increasing Saudi’s engineers.

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