How to Change the Iqama Photo?

How do you change the Iqama photo? Well, once you have passed the immigration desk in any of immigration department in Saudi Arabia, a photo of you has to be captured, this photo is used in your Iqama, driving license and some many legal document specific to its use. This is also used to confirm one’s identity and originality, changing this photo is one of the services government offices such as Jawazat offers.

For various reasons you may be required to change the picture on the Iqama, this may include facial changes such as development of beards, unappealing picture and many other. In a case of changing your photo you will have to follow the following procedure. The Jawazat offices are the most reliable government facility to acquire your desired Iqama photo.

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30 Iqama Professions That Are Restricted to Saudi Expats in 2016

The most important thing in life is to life is to live happily with a job that can put bread on your table and provide the basic need for the survival of you and your family. The same applies for the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

It is apparent that it is virtually impossible to get into Saudi Arabia with your family without having a suitable job or enough income on neither Family Visit Visa nor the Permanent Visa. Although,  it is possible to change the profession on your Iqama if it is not suitable, in order to bring them in the country.

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How to Replace a Lost Iqama…and Its Surprising Penalties?

Iqama is the most essential document for you as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. The consequences that you could be prone to in case you are caught without your Iqama would be a jail term, a fine or even worse of deportation.

It is a must by the Law that you should carry your original Iqama wherever you go to while you reside here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In case you would like to have a look at whatever you would be facing as penalty and fines due to traveling minus your Iqama then read further:

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How to Transfer Sponsorship from Dependent to a Company or Employer?

In case you are in Saudi Arabia as a dependent and you are interested in transferring your sponsorship to the employer, then you have definitely landed at the rights spot.

Most people find it difficult going through the procedure of searching for a job, doing transfer of sponsorship and even accessing the issuance of Iqama but today we are going to share with you how to go about all this essential procedures.

Maybe this is the only upper hand that Saudi dependents or holders of Iqama have since they can search for job and transfer their sponsorship.

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How to process 5 Year Multiple Entry Business Visa for Saudi Arabia

First of all, it is difficult to have a 5-year multiple entry business visa in Saudi Arabia. However, If you are a business man and you would like to visit Saudi Arabia more often, your travel to Saudi Arabia will surely be made easier.

Below are the fundamental procedures (take note that processes might change as of this writing). And if you will not follow the instructions properly, you will face difficulties. Also, it is not easy to acquire a visa in Saudi Arabia and if you have one, then you are blessed.

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How to Transfer to a New Company Without Transferable Iqama?

There are two main options for someone who wants to switch jobs in Saudi Arabia. First, you can ask your sponsor to transfer your sponsorship to the new employer or, you can ask your new employer to issue a new visa to you. Either way, will work.

Accordingly,  this article aims to inform you about all the complications in this situation and to better guide you how to get a new visa (new company) after the Final Exit Visa (old/former company). It is assumed that you are already working in Saudi Arabia.

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Engineers Are Now Required To Take SCE Test Before Getting An Iqama

In a statement, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Head of the Engineering Offices, Talal Samarqandi, that all expat engineers in Saudi Arabia are required to undergo a series of examinations before obtaining work permits and licenses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In an earlier announcement made by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), they found out that 1200 engineers who worked in the Kingdom are fraudulent or fake.

All foreigners or expats entering the Kingdom using an engineer’s visa had the visa changed if they were not real engineers. Furthermore, Samarqandi mentioned that their aim is to ensure that every professional engaged in the engineering industry were real ones and not frauds. He added that of the 200,000 engineers in Saudi Arabia, 1200 submitted certificates that were either fake or fraudulent. Currently, all engineers are accredited and there is a new system in development to differentiate the fake engineers from the real ones.

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How to Apply for the Iqama of Your Child?

There are detailed processes, sometimes rigorous, in order to apply for the Iqama of your newly born child. However, it becomes easy when you already have the information about it, on how to do it. One of the distinct part of the processes is getting the appointment from the Jawazat. Primarily because they will not accept your application if you do not have an appointment. So, here are the procedures that you need to follow in order to book an appointment with Jawazat, for the issuance of the iqama of your newly born baby.

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3 Important Tips for First Time Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

If you are a first time traveler to Saudi Arabia, then this post is rightfully for you as you will be able to know what your rights and duties are while you are temporarily working and living in the Kingdom.

Times have now changed for expatriates – both old and new – since there rights are already protected by the Ministry of Labor.

Before, workers were left on the hands of their Kafeels and these Kafeels can do whatever they want to do with their workers. But in recent time, the Ministry of Labor has already issued new rules to make sure that expatriates are not oppressed and exploited by their respective Kafeels.

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How to Check the Status of Medical Test Report for Iqama, Online?

Medical Test for Saudi Iqama: with the improved technology used by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, now it is very easy to check the status of medical report for Saudi Iqama online.

All of us know that we know that we have to go through the medical test before applying for the first Iqama. For few nationalities, they have to go through this medical test at the time of renewal of Iqama. It is important to mention here that this is different from medical test performed in your home country for the visa processing. One example is the GAMCA in Philippines or GCC Approved Medical Centers Association clinics.  You need to go through to them if you want to work in GCC countries  such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.

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