Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s What an Expat Can Say.

Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s what an expat Filipino would say about Saudi Arabia, as his second home.

For someone who has been living in the country for some years, I consider it to be a better place to live than most developed countries, western countries included.

While walking in Saudi Arabia’s streets, you don’t feel the same threat that you do while strolling in Manila’s streets.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made laws which are very hard on people who are in drug smuggling. The rule governing this is in full implementation. In fact, the police are empowered and have greater degree of control in borders and other stations which may be an entry point for drugs.

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The Price of Living in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia: the last thing that anyone would use to describe about the life in Saudi Arabia would be the most peaceful corner in the planet .

The Media depicts the country as one of the most oppressive places to be especially for females who are prohibited from setting foot outside of their homes and being confined to wearing constricting dresses and headdresses.

But one girl, who had to say goodbye to her home in Saudi loves everything there is in the country and finds it as the most peaceful place in the planet!

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