FREE Accommodation: Now a Government’s Order in UAE!

Free accommodation in UAE, possible? Well, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other South Asian migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates are expected to benefit in the new government order for employers to offer free accommodation to workers paid $540 or less per month. Guidlines to follow.

The order is UAE’s latest move in the Gulf to address alleged abuses of migrant labor. This is due to the large number of South Asians that make up a huge proportion of the country’s foreign workforce. While Emiratis, who barely account 10 percent of the UAE’s population of nine million. A small population compared to the total number of foreign workers.

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How To Process 90-day UAE Visit Visa Application Online?

In a message addressed to the public, the Ministry of Interior urged everyone to apply for the visit visa or the 90-day Entry Permit in UAE online through e-services.

E-services can be accessed through different channels including the UAE-MOI smartphone app and Through this channel, the public can apply for a visit visa which will require sponsorship from an investor, a resident or a citizen.

Ministry of Interior Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs Department, Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hareb Al Khaiaili placed emphasis on the efforts exerted by his department for streamlining visa application procedures and reducing the effort and time exerted by their customers.

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You Are Required to be Paid Overtime, 8-hour shifts and Annual Leave in UAE

Change in the overtime policy, shifting hours and Annual Leave are now implemented by the UAE Labour Office.

In UAE, there is a 4-hour work week with one day of rest for every 6 days worked. Employers who are caught forcing their employees to work more than the stipulated hours would be violating the country’s labour rules according to an official of the Labour Ministry.

Dubai’s Director of the Ministry of Labour Relations Mohammed Mubarak issued a statement that employers may request employees to work for nine hours every day. But, they should deduct an extra hour from their working hours on another week’s working day.

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3 Major Changes in UAE Labor Law That You Must Know in 2016

UAE Labor Law: Three new laws will cover the application process of the contracts approved by the Ministry, the conditions for employee termination and the new labor permits covering new employers.

New laws implemented by Dubai’s Ministry of Labour aims to create a stronger employee employer relationship and to improve the country’s labour market through greater transparency and allowing more room for worker mobility within the region.

Labour Minister Saqr Ghobash unveiled these rules which are founded on the labour policy initiative’s decisions in 2011 with regard to the labour mobility.

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9 Skills That Can Make You Marketable in UAE and to the World!

What are the skills that UAE employers are looking for? You can go through this guide to learn more.

Based on the information gathered from the region’s largest career portal, we already know what UAE employers are interested in when they are interested in hiring new people.’s VP for Employer Solutions Suhail Masri said that with new projects such as smart cities, make hiring prospects better. The data below is based on the Middle East Job Index Survey 2016 of and it also takes site statistics into consideration to know how things look from an employer’s perspective.

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How To Calculate the End of Service Benefits in UAE?

End of service benefits (EoB) have been historically given to employees. People who worked for the same company for years were given a huge sum of money when they leave. The law provides for the payment of this benefit after completing a year of service for up to 24 years. But many companies removed this 24 year cap and offered this as a cash bonus as many employees change companies every 4, 3 or even 2 years.

In UAE, the calculation of the EoB for the first five years of service is based on 21 days for every year of service. For employees with more than five years of service, it becomes 30 days for every service year. The formula considers the basic salary plus the commission as the base and allowances are excluded. In recent instances, this commission is based on the employee’s primary role, for sales people it’s the sales commission.

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Muslims to fast over 15 hours in UAE

In the coming Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims living in the UAE will be fasting as much as 15 hours and 10 minutes, and are expected to continue until 2018 for the long hours of daylight.

While the season is fast approaching, few weeks from now, do you know how many hours will Muslims in the UAE be fasting for?

Wam, a news agency recently issued a statement and said: “The new moon of Ramadan is to appear on June 5 at around 6.59pm UAE time, but it will disappear at around 7.25pm or 17 minutes after sunset of the same day.” – Ibrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor at Sharjah Planetarium,

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