How to Change The Profession in Your Iqama / Muqeem in Saudi Arabia?

Changing the profession in your iqama is required for people who are holding an Iqama or a Muqeem which has a different profession from what they actually do at work.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is considered to be illegal when you are working on a profession different from what is stated in your Iqama. People from the Jawazat could do a raid at any given time in your company and if you are caught, you will be detained. It doesn’t always happen, but you always want to be on the safe side.

When you file a request for your MOL KSA Iqama/Muqeem profession, you should check Saudi Arabia’s benefitted professions. After that, pick the profession that matches your work the best. A profession that is benefitted implies that you can invite members of your family to visit or reside permanently.

Procedure to change your profession in your Muqeem / Iqama

  1. You will need attestation for certificates for your Higher Degree from the Saudi Embassy and another certificate from your home country on Saudi Culture.
  2. The certification for the Attestation Degree needs to match (most related title if match is not available) the profession on the Iqama that you will apply for.
  3. Make a request to the Human Resource Department of the company that you are working for. For a change in profession, you have to pay a deposit of SR 1000.
  4. The request for a change in profession could be rejected should your iqama profession happens to be at a lower side such as helper, labourer, driver and the like as a replacement for muqeem professions considered as “benefited.”

Reasons for the Rejection of a Request for Your Visa/Iqama’s Change in Profession

  1. When the Iqama profession happen to be for a lower profile (Helper, Labor, etc,.)
  2. If the employee has any unsettled traffic violation. It is possible to check your traffic violations on your Muqeem Card using the MOI website.
  3. You cannot present sufficient fees to fund payments for a change in profession.
  4. When the Ministry of Labor decides to reject the request for a change in profession.
  5. When you happen to be on a domestic or an individual visa and you are employed as a Housemaid, a Driver, a Helper, etc.
  6. When your Iqama is already expired. Check its validity of your Muqeem through the MOI website.
  7. When the status of the employee is a runaway in Saudi Arabia or Huroob.
  8. When you have already applied and is currently waiting for the issuance of your Iqama.
  • Hello sir,
    I am New in ksa .. Im working as a Technican in one of the renowed company but my qualification Is Engineer. I dont know how to change my status. if i would like to change my profession my current job Maybe affected. I need Well known person help. Advance Thanks