Is your Iqama Transferable? One thing Your Employer Doesn’t Want You To Know

So how do you check if your Iqama is transferable or not? In case you are new to the word Iqama of not very familiar to its meaning the let it be known to you that it is basically a permit or document issued to the expatriates who arrive and want to reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an employment visa. This Iqama has a validity of about a year or two after which, it is a must that it is renewed once again.

There are numerous advantages that come with having an Iqama such as gaining a temporary residency card, while male applicants can sponsor direct and genuine blood related siblings and family members to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a period of six month visit visa.

There are some documents that are required in order for an Iqama to be fully processed and completed. These documents include; a completed visa application form, an employment letter, a visa letter and the Power of Attorney form, medical reports, attested photocopies of the applicant’s degrees and certificate, a copy of the signed contract, and four passport size photos.

However, there is a variation in the requirements of the documents from one country to another and for this reason you ought to be very careful and ensure that you check with your country’s embassy before you proceed with the application.

The question that is frequently asked by most expatriates is whether Iqama is transferrable or not. This could be majorly because most of them will be willing to work or improve their careers or are not comfortable with their present working conditions. The most common reason of demanding transfer of Iqama is low salary and overworking due to intensive working hours. The applicant is most likely to ask to present his or her Iqama and determine if it is transferrable or not when applying and being interviewed at a couple of places.

It is very important for you as an expatriate to know if your Iqama is transferrable or not. To answer this nudging question is that, Yes all Iqamas are actually transferrable.

The only hindrance to the transfer of Iqama is that some of the employees or companies are against the idea or preference of giving out the release letters or the No Objection Certificate (NOC). Furthermore, it majorly depends on the kind of profession you are based in. Most professions require or necessitate that you are supposed to finish a two year contract for you to get a letter of release or even get your Iqama transferred. When your contract is finished after the two years, the process of transferring your Iqama is easier and smoother compared to the other way round.

In the off chance that they disagree, it is unfortunate that they are in a full position to send you back to your native country legally without anyone barring them.

Additionally, please keep in mind that in some professions, it is totally impossible to transfer Iqama. One example of such careers is farming in which you are in no position to transfer your Iqama at all. Finally, ensure that you consult with your HR manager or sponsor before considering application of transfer of Iqama.