How to Check the Status of Your Iqama Transfer?

How do you check the status of your Iqama transfer or the change of sponsorship?

When you access the Labor Ministry website, you can check the name of your present sponsor based on the records of the Labor Ministry’s Computer System. While in the Ministry of Interior’s older version, you can just access your Absher account in MOI by using your ID and sponsor name.

However,with the updated version of the MOI website, you can no longer check your sponsor’s name and ID. Hence, there is a new method to check the name of your sponsor based on your current Iqama.

If your transfer of sponsorship from the old one to a new one is pretty recent, you will see the name of your new sponsor, your application number and the transfer date.

It is quite unfortunate that the website of the Ministry of Labor is in Arabic. Hence, we will look into the process through the images shown below.

1. You need to visit, the Ministry Of Labour’s official website.

2. You should choose the button/tab located in the middle of the 5 options as shown below:

How to Check the Status of Your Iqama Transfer?3. After doing that, a screen will be shown with a lot of options, but you only need to focus on the second drop down as shown below.

How to Check the Status of Your Iqama Transfer?

4. After clicking this, a page will be shown to you asking for some details. You can focus on the Iqama/Muqeem number as it’s easier to search, although you can have different options, or combination of details.

You need to enter your Iqama number on the text box on the second line. The next thing to do is enter the image code on this box “التحقق رمز ادخل”. After that, you need to choose the right button “بحث”. You can use the image below as your reference.

How to Check the Status of Your Iqama Transfer?

5. When you have just recently transferred sponsors, it is possible to see a different image. With this, you can see the transfer date, your sponsor’s new name as well as your application number. Remember that the transfer date will be in Hijri Date.