How to Get a Copy of a Lost Exit Re-Entry Visa via Online?

When you decide to go out of Saudi Arabia, an exit re-entry visa is issued by your sponsor. If you are an employee, then your sponsor is your employer. If you are a dependent, then your sponsor is the one where you are under like your father or husband.

Now, what if you are on a vacation you lost the copy of your exit re-entry visa? Will you be able to get a new copy?

Normally, if you lost your exit re-entry visa, you can always ask your sponsor for another copy. However, he will have to follow certain steps in order to re-print your exit re-entry visa from the Ministry of Interior. In cases when your sponsor is out of reach or if you are shy to ask for another copy again, then you can request it by yourself through following these step by step procedure in obtaining another copy of your exit re-entry visa online.


Process on how to get a copy of lost exit re-entry visa via online/Eserve

1. The Ministry of Interior and Jawazat provided an option for everyone to have a copy of their exit-re-entry visa issued by the sponsor if the person has some basic information. For you to have a copy of your lost exit re-entry visa, simply go to the “Eserve” website. Click on the Eserve and it will lead you to the correct link.


2. After you opened the website, it will ask you to give information on two documents for you to be able to get a copy of your exit re-entry visa online. You can select either Iqama number for the first, and the Passport number for the second. You may choose other options as well. The screenshot above will best illustrate this procedure. As you can see, there is a button intended for nationality, however, there is no need for you to touch it.

Visa print 3

3. Once you provided the right information being asked, it will prompt you to another page. The page will show if your exit re-entry bias is valid or not along with some other relative information needed. The screenshot below will show you the page. You need to print it out and show it as your exit re-entry visa. Though you will notice that the exit re-entry visa given by your sponsor is different from the one you jus printed out, be assured that this is still acceptable in all exit and entry ports to Saudi Arabia.

visa print

print visa 2

Although you can easily access and print out a copy of your exit re-entry visa as we provided you with the steps, it is strongly recommend that you keep at least 2 copies of the original with stamp visa with you. Place the copies at two different locations so that you will have an extra once you lost one. You can also send it to your personal email or take a picture of the copy of your visa via your smart phone to ensure that you have it at all times.