How to Change or Correct Your Name in Your Iqama?

For those who happen to be new to Saudi Arabia, and for the first time as well, who received their Muqeem or Iqama card that serves as their residence card, it is vital to double check or correct your name in your Iqama / Muqeem card if the information isn’t accurate.

You also need to confirm if it is the same with the name on your passport and if the Arabic name is the same as the English name.

For a handful of expats, it’s possible for their name to be a bit different or incorrect when compared to their Arabic or English name as well as the name displayed on their passport. However, this is not acceptable. You need to change your name so that it is the same with your name on your passport otherwise your Muqeem or Iqama will be deemed unacceptable if the names are different even just a little. Why? Below are of the two major reasons.

  • Banking institutions won’t accept your Iqama, even at remittance centers when you are sending funds to your home country or a bank, when you are planning to open an account (payroll or personal purposes) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As per the guidelines in the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA), the Iqama won’t be accepted if the name is incorrect.
  • Since your name on the Iqama and the Passport are not the same, you won’t get the Police Clearance Certificate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Certificate is really beneficial when you make the decision to migrate to a country in Europe to find a job.

What can you do when your Muqeem/Iqama has the wrong name?

You need to contact your company’s Government Relation or Human Resource Officer and ask him to change the name on your iqama if it is incorrect.

  • Should your Muqeem/Iqama have the wrong English name, the name can be changed to the right one online by visiting the website and you can get your newly printed Iqama the day after.
  • Should your Muqeem/Iqama have the wrong Arabic name, it is vital to visit the office in Jawazath to request for a change and you can get your newly printed Iqama the day after.