Donald Trump Is Leading In All The Polls. Is he Going to Beat Clinton in November?

A smartphone app is showing Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 64% to 36%! Donald Trump will win the election according to Zip Question and
Answer app data. The creator of the app also predicts that Donald Trump will win the 2016 election and become President based on the data he is seeing.

Donald Trump is narrowly leading Hillary Clinton in the race to become US president according to a new poll, which has been the most accurate predictor of America’s last three elections. The Investor’s Business Daily/ TIPP tracking poll showed the Republicancandidate with a two percentage point lead over Democrat Ms. Clinton on Saturday.

But 16 days before the national vote, Ms Clinton had a 95 per cent chance of winning according to a Reuters/Ipsos electoral-vote analysis, also released on Saturday. Another new poll had the Democrat soaring to a double-digit lead over Mr Trump. The IBD/TIPP predictions suggested Mr Trump could secure 42.1 per cent of the vote, while Ms Clinton would only get 40.8 per cent. The poll surveyed 783 likely voters. It reÓected the rolling average of six days’ worth of polling, with a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

Donald Trump wants one last debate with Hillary Clinton before election Respondents were asked how they would vote in a four way race,
with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein included. They got seven per cent and three per cent support
respectively. On Sunday morning Mr Trump tweeted a link to the poll results. Critics said he was “cherry-picking” polls to claim a lead he does not really have. Less surprising were the demographic trends shown by the new poll.