Driving in KSA: What Happens When A Driver is Caught Transporting A Passenger With Expired Iqama?

Driving in KSA: Knowing the people sitting with you on the car whether they are relatives or strangers is the responsibility of every driver and the duty of conveying people to their destination involves checking their Iqama validity or residence permit.

In instances when your passenger is not carrying an Iqama or their Iqama has already expired, it is not legal to transport them anywhere in Saudi Arabia. There will be heavy penalties imposed the car’s driver as people with expired Iqamas are considered as illegal residents.

Based on the website of the Ministry of Interior, Penalties for Transporting Illegal Residents are as follows:

  1. SR 15,000 and 1 month in jail for first time violators.
  2. SR 30,000 and 3 months in jail for second time violators.
  3. SR 100,000 and 6 months in jail for third time violators

These fines are multiplied to the number of people involved. In instances where expats violate this law, their Iqama will be terminated and after applying the corresponding penalties, he will be deported.

For repeat violators, the conveyance shall be confiscated whether ownership of the vehicle belongs to the accessory, the carrier or any colluding party.

From above, you can see that mistakes even as small as this can put an end to your career in the Kingdom. But, it is also important to point out that this is just applicable to expats living illegally in Saudi Arabia. When the expat does not have the Iqama on his person at the time he is asked for it, the fines are different and the penalties range from SR 1,000 to SR 3,000.

Tips on Avoiding Getting Penalized for Transporting Illegal Residents

Given the weight of fines that you face when you are caught transporting people who are illegally residing in the Kingdom, it would be better to avoid such situation by following these recommendations.

  • Always ask for your expat passenger’s Iqama. If you happen to be a professional driver, you need to ask for their Iqama and check its validity if you have to transport them from one place to another,
  • Private drivers who are transporting people should always ask his passengers if they have their Iqama with them and if it is valid. You need to remember that committing this mistake would lead to being deported and fined.
  • If any stranger asks you for a lift, it would be advisable not to unless you have unquestionable proof of their identity and the validity of their Iqama. This may seem to be unethical but it is better safe than sorry.

h/t: Arab News

  • edgardo calara

    Sir how about if Iqama is on Process and Handling his Original Passport While Traveling?

    • IC – Admin

      If going for vacation, at least you have a copy of your reentry/exit visa + original passport.

      If iqama is for renewal, get a temporary iqama (paper stating that your iqama is on process) from your company.

  • Jalou castro

    Sir if the person had escaped from the company and wanted to go to the philippines what should he do?

    • IC – Admin

      First you’ll have to go to the embassy, I think you are a Filipino, so in this case, it’s the Philippine EmbassyYou can leave the country only through Deportation (Tharheels) centers.

  • Jan

    What if i have a female friend passenger on my back seat and she has iqama is there any problem on it?

    • IC – Admin

      You know that mixing of sexes in the country is prohibited, specially if you are not relatives (blood related). If a person is caught, both the passenger and the driver will be jailed.

  • Pinoy 151265

    Sir what about if our company here in KSA deliberately did not arranged the renewal of our “IQAMA”? We, as an employee are not the one violating this Saudi law, it but if accidentally cough by the Jawasat police may suffer and paid penalties. What advised can you give to us sir?

    • IC – Admin

      The problem there is you will get caught at any given time. What’s the better thing to do is ask your employer to provide you with the temporary Iqama (waraga), and if in worst case, ask the help (file a complaint) of Philippine embassy / POLO Office.

  • Does m robin

    Me and my wife are not same sponsor,and we will not bring our marraige contract.is there any consequencies, even we have same family name in IQAMA.?

  • Ikram

    Hi, Currently In Riyadh there is one online taxi service Uber and Careem . We are working with this company as part time and our Iqama profession is not same . When Jawajat checked me they put Ammal Rakkab Penalty. So this penalty how much and what is the processor for working such as work. This Company has a contract with driver .Pls Advice

  • Allen

    Sir, I have question but not related to this story, sorry for this question, sir, I almost done with my contract and I said already to my employer I said to them that when my contract is finish I want to exit, they said that wait for 2 or 3 months because they don’t have workers, sir my question is when my contract is finish I will not working with them I wait for my exit visa and ticket, my decision is right sir or there’s a rules I violate, thank you sirens good pm,

  • ganesh

    Dear sir

    I am going on vacation. But i dont want to come back to this present company. My iqama is Renewed already. How can i come back to the saudi arabia? Please give your suggestion

  • Jason canlas

    I have question. If me and my wife rented a same nationality friend because he has a car and us dont have a car, is it ok? I am the sponsor of my wife and we bring copy of her visa…

  • Sir,
    Hi,what should i do,every time i ask my employer for a vacation..he get my iqama.as of now im 2 years and 3 months here,and i dont have iqama.

    Should i go to the labor ministry???

  • yasmin

    Hi i am going for final exit. Just want to ask if i can extend for one month after the expiration of my iqama coz i need to wait for the passport of my newly born baby. Pls need your response coz i dont want to pay for the renewal of my iqama which cost 4000 sr

  • Franz

    What if two of my sisters-in-laws wanted to visit here and I want to drive for them to some of the tourist’s destinations and since they are only on visit visa and what they have with them are their passports and visas, am I violating this rule?