4 Basic Steps You Need To Earn Respect at Work

It is challenging to stand out or compete in an intercultural corporate workplace. So to be noticed by your boss and be considered for a promotion would be difficult. With these thoughts in mind, how can you get out of the tight spot and outshine the other candidates? What should you do to get the attention of your boss and convince him or her that you are deserving of a raise or promotion?

Here are some simple strategies to move up the ladder regardless of your field or location. 

1. Always give your best shot!

 5 Skills You Need, That Will Earn You Respect At Work

Do not belittle your position. Always give your best in doing your job, no matter how insignificant you think it might be.

Show them that you have good work ethics. That  you  are highly regarded for your hardwork and determination. You are dedicated to our work because we are driven- driven by our responsibility of providing a brighter future to your families.

Remember that regardless of your position, your job contributes to the company in many great ways. You are needed. You would not be hired if you are unnecessary to the company on the first place.

Know your position’s purpose and understand your work’s value to the company. In that way, you will be more motivated to do your job excellently.

Just do your share and things will eventually work for your own good. In due course, your boss will notice your potential and consider that you are capable of so much more.


2. Be the “I” for the company.

5 Skills You Need, That Will Earn You Respect At Work

Ingenuity. Imagination. Innovation. Inspiration. Interest.  Always ask yourself: “How can I contribute more to the company’s success?”

Have the ingenuity of a tribal chieftain who looks after his tribe. Think outside the box.

Imagine about the bigger picture- the long-term effects of projects, the financial status of the company in the long-run.

Innovate change even if it is only in the small scale for in the long-run, its ripples will be felt in the larger scale. Be inspired of your job. More importantly, be an inspiration to your co-workers. If you’re inspired, you’ll be more motivated to understand all the areas within your span of control and you’ll be more creative on working your way around it thus, you will be more productive.

Be interested in expanding your duties. Inquire about the other functions of the company and propose new ideas to your boss and explain how they will benefit the company. If you have the mindset of a leader, your boss will see that you are capable of growth.


 3. Be a great steward.

5 Skills You Need, That Will Earn You Respect At Work

Supervise and look after your staff so they will do their jobs excellently. Don’t be too selfish not to share your knowledge with your colleagues.

If you want to be promoted, especially if you are currently holding a specialized duty, train your staff well and leave them the legacy of your job so your boss will not hesitate to promote you, knowing that there is someone who can handle your job.

If your boss thinks you are irreplaceable on your current position, chances are high that he or she will not be so happy to promote you until the availability of a competent replacement.

Being a good mentor also means that you can handle bigger responsibilities. It will not only help you move higher in the ladder but will also help your co-workers’ growth and development.


4. Walk your talk.

 5 Skills You Need, That Will Earn You Respect At Work

This goes way beyond dressing for the position you are aspiring for- beyond looking neat, professional and “like a boss”.

Let me make an analogy to get my message across. I just recently have a package from Japan. I’m just so amazed because everything about it screams of Japan- from the wrapper, to the box, to the item inside the box. I even checked the label at the bottom and it clearly states that it is designed and made in Japan! So it is so Japanese inside-out.

So if you really want a promotion, prove that you really are deserving of such- from the way you dress to the way you talk and act. Be a complete package for a promotion. Be your promoted self in everything you do.  Deliver presentations like a boss, handle complaints like a manager and master your responsibility like an executive.  Eventually, you will become the person you perceive yourself to be.

Step out of your current position and act the part of your dream title but be aware that your actions do not overstep boundaries that could not only compromise your job but would also create strife between you and your colleagues.

Take caution that you might not appear too showy and big-headed. Remember that your attitude, more than your aptitude, would be a contributing factor to your promotion.

Emotional intelligence and maturity is just as important as the hard skills and technical knowledge required of that position. If they see that your attitude is not fit for promotion, they can always train or hire someone else for the position.