24 Pictures That Tells Everything Will Be OK

1. One of a kind marriage proposal like this:Marriage proposals like this:

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2. An ordinary person doing heroic acts like this:

Heroes like this:

Ollie Kroner / Via Facebook: ollie.kroner

3. An accommodating and generous owner like this:

Owners like this:

4. Paramedics who are helpful like this:

5. An excited old man with a date like this:

Dates like this:

6. The random act of kindness from a laundromat like this:Laundromats like this:

7. A person who is kind to someone he just met like this:Good samaritans like this:

8. A tip equal to the amount to be paid like this: 

Tips like this:

9. Teens who are willing to help someone who is in need like this:

:Teens like this:

10. A mother who is a best friend and a playmate to her children like this:

:Moms like this:

11. Adorable badass dogs like this:

:Badass dogs like this:

12. A teacher who love kids like this:

:Professors like this:

Sarit Fishbaine / Via Facebook: sarit.fishbaine

13. Responsible garbagemen who are having fun while on break like this:Garbagemen like this:

14. A dog-loving astronaut like this:

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15. Families who love unconventional pets like this:

Families like this:

16. Bicyclists who are funny and love some adventure like this: 

Bicyclists like this:

17. An animal lover who gave up his umbrella and walked under the rain to keep the cat dry like this: 

Animal lovers like this:

18. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, stopped his car without him knowing that the kid who is running after him is a cancer patient like this: 

19. A note from a 6-year-old girl allowing her neighbor to play with her cat like this: 

Neighbors like this:

20. A concerned classmate like this: 

Classmates like this:

21. Persons who are honest even no one is looking like this:

Parking lot hawks like this:

22. Someone who will do you a favor not expecting anything in return like this: 

Laundry experts like this:

23. Kids who are responsible like this:

Kids like this:

24. A friendly and caring community like this: