What to Do If Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires While You Are Outside KSA?

When you go out of the Kingdom, for whatever purpose, and you need to come back at a specified time, you need to have an exit re-entry visa that is issued by your sponsor or Kafeel. Likewise, you need to come back to Saudi Arabia within the period specified on your visa.

However, what if your visa has expired and you are still outside Saudi? What do you need to do?

On normal situations, a person whose visa is already expired will not be allowed to come back to Saudi Arabia since the document is no longer valid.

When this happens, everything lies on the hands of your Kafeel; and on his own will if you can still come back or not. Now, if he is willing to get you on board, there are certain procedures that you need to follow on how to get a permission to enter Saudi Arabia after your exit re-entry visa expires. Please take note that some process may change as of this writing.

  1. First, your sponsor must ensure that your Iqama number is still valid. If your Iqama is no longer valid, unfortunately, you have no chance to come back to Saudi. However, if it is still valid, you can come back to the Kingdom within 7 months from your exit re-entry visa expiration. For dependents who are students, they may enter the Kingdom within 13 months from the expiration date. The count for the 7 and 13 months will start from the date of the expiration of the exit re-entry visa. If the period already lapsed, then you can no longer come back.
  2. Your sponsor needs to go to the Jawazat or Passport office to fill out an application and give it to authorities with a list of requirements and documents. A special form is used for this particular transaction and if the application is approved, the Kafeel will have a yellow slip.
  3. Your Kafeel needs to write a letter to the Saudi Embassy of the native country and say that you have overstayed your vacation and that the Kafeel will appreciate if the Embassy can allow you to come back to Saudi. The letter should have the stamped from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Chamber of Commerce. There are also some essential information that you need to know regarding the attestation of documents from the CoC. You need to read through these information before you go to the Chamber of Commerce so that you come in prepared with the much needed things.
  4. The yellow slip along with the letter should be sent to you by airmail from your sponsor. The yellow slip will serve as your permission from Jawazat that you can still enter the Kingdom. There is also a deposit that the Kafeel should make to let you re-enter, though I am not sure on how much it would be.
  5. It is also recommended that you contact an overseas employment agent from your country. They will be able to process your case on your behalf though they may charge a small amount.
  6. Once you receive the mailed yellow slip, you need to submit all documents such as copy of your passport, copy of your visa on your passport, copy of your Iqama, the letter from the Kafeel saying you have overstayed your vacation, copy of your expired exit re-entry visa, and your e-ticket number which is taken from an overseas employment agent. You need to submit all of these documents to the Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate in your country. You may contact your Kafeel for specific guidance for this.
  7. You need to take note that you need to submit your original current passport along with the passport where your Saudi Arabia visa was stamped initially. For dependent s and others, a visa of your mother may sufficed.
  8. Once the Saudi Embassy or Consulate stamped your visa, you need to be in Saudi Arabia within 7 days. If you are unable to enter the Kingdom at that given time, your visa will be cancelled for good. You need to take precaution on some matters too, at this point.
  • You need to contact the embassy for the status of your visa EVERYDAY. As said, you need to enter the Kingdom within 7 days. Hence, each passing day is important.
  • As much as possible, you need to pre-booked a ticket going to Saudi Arabia. Should there be a problem with your ticket booking, the consequence may be losing your visa for good.
  • Rajendar Tambampalli

    I was experienced this issue before and re entered the Saudi. But the above article is not matching (some part) with what I was done.

    • theninjalife

      What did you end up having to do? Did they only give you a 7 day extension?

    • ibrahim hanif

      i am a student having iqama, but My Exit re-entry visa got expired on 29-09-2016
      and my father also came back from KSA, His exit re-entry visa too Expired..
      Now i want to go back to KSA, what procedures i have to take Can You please let me now thanks.