Find Expatriates Jobs In Saudi Arabia: 6 Actionable Resume Tips That You Can Do, Now!

Finding expatriates job in Saudi Arabia is not as hard as you think. If you would commit time and effort on your job search, all of your endeavours would really pay-off. With proper preparation and execution, you will eventually land on your dream job in this country.

Making a resume will commence your job search process. This first step could either make or break you. Make sure to make a powerful and noticeable resume since it is the first thing that the employers/agencies will be looking into.

A cursory glance at your writing skills, attention to details, professional experience, and special skills will say more about you than you may think.

In summary, here are the key components and information to be included in your resume:

1. Contact Information

This should include your name, address, phone number and email. These information should be located prominently at the top of the page.

2. Objectives

Never copy someone else’s objective statements. Be unique and avoid generic objectives. Don’t be too flowery with your words and avoid sounding too cheesy.

3. Education

List your educational experience from the most recent first. Be sure to include any degrees, certifications, and merits that you have obtained.

4. Professional Experience

Start with your most recent job experience. Make sure to list all the duties you performed and the tasks that you handled. Include only the three most recent and relevant jobs you had if you have a comprehensive experience. In that way, you’ll be able to give emphasis to your significant contributions and career accomplishments.

5. Special Skills

Include here not only your technical and hard skills. Be sure to mention your soft skills like interpersonal and social skills. Be sure to include details highlighting the importance and relevance of these skills to your work.

6. References

Don’t believe others who say that stating your references information would be “available upon request” would already be sufficient. List your references, include all relevant contact information, state your affiliation with them and put a brief explanation as to why you are including them as a reference.

Following this guideline will help you create a polished, professional, and powerful resume. If you have difficulties in preparing your own resume, you can always seek the help of professionals.