How to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa of Dependents in KSA?

There are instances wherein you apply for exit re-entry visa for your dependents, however, due to some unforeseeable circumstances such as a change of plans, you need to change the specific dates that you have originally applied for. In this case, you may process for an extension of the exit re-entry visa.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can not extend the visa that you currently have (applied for) since the government do not offer an extension for the exit re-entry visa. Hence, once issued, the exit re-entry visa cannot be changed.

But there are certain ways that you can do to cope with this issue and to probably extend visa according to these two scenarios:


If dependents are currently inside Saudi Arabia

If your dependents are in Saudi Arabia and they plan to go out from the place, there is less problem. All you have to do is to cancel the exit re-entry visa issued and apply for a new one. This is assuming that you have not reached the exit date.

It is important that you process the cancellation of the visa because if you fail to do so, you will be charged with a penalty with maximum of SR 3,000 for each Iqama.

Cancellation of the old visa and applying for a new one is the only way for you to extend your exit re-entry visa. Keep in mind though that in applying for a new one, you will need to pay again for the processing and application (200SAR or 500SAR each visa application).


If dependents are currently outside Saudi Arabia

This can be a bit problematic if the dependents are outside of Saudi Arabia and yet you need an extension. If your dependents are from outside the Kingdom and they will come back at a later date from the expiry of the visa, there is no way that you can simply cancel it.

As a matter of fact, it is advisable not to cancel it at all as they might not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia. Since you cannot cancel nor apply for an extension for the exit re-entry visa, you only have two options left which are the following:

  • Bring the dependent to Saudi Arabia at a time before the visa expires and apply for a new exit re-entry visa once they are already in Saudi.
  • Let them stay on the country where they are right now and let them re-apply for a lengthy procedure of re-activating their exit re-entry visa after it expires.