How to Extend Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia?

The greatest pleasure an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia will ever have is to invite his family in KSA either on family visit visa or permanent family visa.

Once your family is here in Saudi Arabia, you can make extensions of their visit visa to extend their stay. This article is about the process on how to apply for the extension of the family visit visa through Istiqdam. You also can apply for the extension of family visit visa online.


Rules for Extension of Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam

  1. If visit visa is stamped for 30 days, it can be extended 5 times. It means that your total stay in KSA will be 180 days.
  2. If visit visa is issued for 90 days, it can be extended once. It means that your totals stay in the Kingdom is 180 days.


Process to apply for extension of family visit visa through Istiqdam

  1. You can apply for extension of family visit visa one week before the expiration date of the visit visa.  The following documents are required fort the family visit visa extension in Saudi Arabia:
  • Original passport of the visitors ( copy of passport front, back and visa page must be accompanied )
  • Original Iqama of the Kafeel along with the copy ( if you are the sponsor of the visit visa, your Iqama is needed )
  • Passport form to be filled by you
  • Photograph in passport size with white background
  • SR 100 for payment fee
  • Online tokens for the residents of Dammam and Riyadh
  1. Go to Jawazat Office around 9am for it is less crowded. Ask the persons on the Jawazat office to fill all the requirements needed and they will fill the form for you too. If you haven’t paid the SR 100, they can pay it on your behalf too. They will charge you SR 20 to 30 for their service and guide you with the remaining process. He will direct you to a place where you can get a token. Once you have a token in your hand, you are ready for the next step.
  1. Once your turn comes, the officer will check all your documents and once they are all fine, they will give you an extension. Check the expiry date of the visit visa and see if it the final extension. You cannot process the extension again if it is final extension.



Online token, if you are living in Dammam and Khobar, you need to apply for an online token. You can apply for the website of Jawazat.

Do not overstay. An expat with an Iqama who is living in Saudi Arabia is the one responsible for the  members of his family who enters the Kingdom. Overstay of any family member will charge you SR 25,000. You should plan their departure 3 to 4 days before the expiration of the family visit visa.

Payment of Fee for the Extension of Family Visit Visa. Extension of family Visit Visa can be processed online or through manual system. If you apply for the extension of family visit visa, you need to visit the Jawazat office and bring the necessary documents with you. But if you would like to process the application online, there is no need for you to go to Jawazat. Whatever procedure it may be, you need to pay the amount of SR 100 for the extension of family visit visa.


Procedure to pay fee for the extension of family visit visa

  1. You need to have an internet banking account first. If you don’t have an internet banking account you can still pay through an ATM Card.
  1. Login to your internet banking account and look for the option “payments” from your home screen.
  1. A drop down list will appear in front of you and you will need to select “government payments” from the options. If you are using SAMBA bank internet banking, your first step after logging in is “government services.”
  1. A new screen will appear on your Rahji Bank and you must click the button “expatriates services.” If you are using SAMBA internet Banking, you need to select “alien control.”
  1. A new screen will be opened in your Rajhi Bank and you have to select “payment” from the tabs. You need to select the type of payment which is “extend visitor visa” and enter the border number or the passport of the visit visa holder. Border number is stamped with the arrival stamp on the passport page. If you are using SAMBA Bank, you have to select “extend visitor visa” and enter the border number. Press “proceed” in Rajhi Bank and “ok” in SAMBA Bank.
  1. A new screen will be opened where the details of the visit visa holder is mentioned. If the details are correct, click the button” confirm”. As soon as you click the confirm button, SR 100 will automatically be deducted from your bank account.
  1. You can immediately check form the website of Ministry of Interior if the payment has been deposited on your MOI account.

You are reminded that banking process online may change as of writing. Share this info so others may learn.