11 Famous Cartoon Characters With Their Arabian Twist That Will Make You Drool!

Famous cartoon characters with an Arabian twist: An Arab guy who hails from Jordan-Palestine and who currently resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was driven by his appreciation of the Muslim culture for creating a series of cartoon illustrations.

Say hello to well-loved cartoon characters that look different this time as they all come with an Arabian twist.

h/t: naharbahij.com

The Simpsons Family

Our favorite dysfunctional family is clad in Saudi costume while enjoying dates and Arabian coffee.

Family Guy

The Griffin Family looks picture perfect in their Arabian suits.


TMNT will be looking for thrills while prowling Riyadh’s Streets.


The Simpsons’ Bullies



The Simpsons’ Police


The Simpsons Family

All dressed as Palestinians, the family seems to be in another outrageous adventure.

Crash Bandicot

Crash Bandicot and his gang are ready to hit the streets of Riyadh for some excitement.


Ernie & Bart

These two Sesame Street residents are clad in their Arabian costume and here, they are known as Anees & Bader.