FREE Accommodation: Now a Government’s Order in UAE!

Free accommodation in UAE, possible? Well, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other South Asian migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates are expected to benefit in the new government order for employers to offer free accommodation to workers paid $540 or less per month. Guidlines to follow.

The order is UAE’s latest move in the Gulf to address alleged abuses of migrant labor. This is due to the large number of South Asians that make up a huge proportion of the country’s foreign workforce. While Emiratis, who barely account 10 percent of the UAE’s population of nine million. A small population compared to the total number of foreign workers.

However, this decision, which will become effective in December, will only apply to those companies that have more than 50 workers, as per the advise from the human resources and Emiratisation ministry.

The UAE and other oil-rich Gulf states are often criticized by human rights groups for their treatment of expatriate laborers.

“Experts spent several months studying the living conditions of those workers, who have been listed in the ministry’s classifications system as low-skilled labourers,” Human Resources Minister Saqr Ghobash.

Consequently, the ministry will do regular inspections of the housing that companies provide to their workers to ensure that health and safety standards are always met. As such, legal action will definitely be taken against companies that violate the regulations

In the previous year, the country has announced labour reforms aimed at curbing abuses and protecting the rights of millions of foreign workers, including allowing them to terminate their contract and change employer, based on valid grounds.

On the other hand, Kuwait has set a minimum wage for its hundreds of thousands of mostly Asian domestic workers and granted them other rights. —Agence France-Presse