This Saudia Flight Landed Safely. But When They Opened the Doors, Everyone Inside Was Dead…

This seems to be something out of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes Mystery, but this really happened in a Saudia flight.

On August 19, 1980, Saudi Airline Flight 163 took off but in the middle of the flight, there was a fire inside the plane causing the cabin crew to call for a state of emergency and prepare to land.

However, to everyone’s surprise despite landing safely, everyone aboard the plane which was made up of 14 crew members and 287 passengers were all dead when the doors were opened.

There were no survivors for this flight and none of the 301 passengers and crew members survived this unfortunate flight.


Source: WikiPedia

  • When everyone on board passengers and crew were dead. who ensured safe landing. Cooked story.

  • Parody.

  • Sehrish

    Its true that airplane got fire and it landed safely but after landing ground staff disnt extend any help to burning plane , door got locked because of pressure inside and passengers couldnt escape . The plane burned into fumes in front of ground staff but ground staff had no clue how to help . Later americans provided training to saudi staff how to cut the plane from top if doors got locked to help out the passenger . All the passengers were sadly pakistani as flight was coming from lahore .

  • Not this was Tristar airplane and Story like this flight comes from Pakistan arrived at Riyadh airport and took passenger going to jedddah . fire happened in cargo section the captain landed but firefighters don’t do their job well so all inside airplane died because of s moke and fire