2 Critical Approaches To Fulfill Your Dream Job, Now!

When we ‘re young we were often asked about what we want to be when we grow up. Then we would eagerly answer our dream jobs, with the innocence and honesty of children.

Can you vividly recall what your answer was to the one of the most popular questions when we are young? Did you fulfill your dream job, perhaps followed it?

Or are you one of the many who were strayed away from their intended vocation? It is just usual that most people set their dreams aside when faced with reality.

These dreams are unfortunately put into shelves for practical reasons and due to lack of means with which we should have been more equipped to follow our dream careers.

These unfulfilled dreams just lay dormant until such time they extricate their burning lava.

So, it’s not surprising when you finally reach a point in life where you are looking for something better, though not sure how to fulfil it.

Perhaps it is the churning feeling in your stomach which pushes you to realize your original dream, or perhaps it the conception of a new one.

You can either succumb to your true calling or subdue it by working your backside off on your current job. Of course, at first glance, the latter is more practical especially if you have bills and outstanding debts to pay and obligations to fulfil.

Change can seem overwhelming especially if there are a lot who depends on you. There are just much at stake and no one has the right to blame you for choosing stability over job satisfaction.

This is particularly true if your dream job requires you to further study or obtain more trainings.

But if you are really in for an adventure and eager to leave your comfort zone, you can break down the necessary steps into achievable and manageable blocks and move gradually towards your dream career.

You don’t have to necessarily quit your current job at once. Nothing is impossible because if you really want it, you must will it, and in due time, it will be yours.


1. Research your career interest.  

Start by doing research on the jobs and careers which interest you. Once identified, take note of the necessary steps to reach your goal.

If you are moving to a job with different industry from your current employment, read and research about that industry and talk to someone you know who is currently engaged in the same undertaking.

You can use the inputs you will collect on assessing whether you really want to work under such industry.


2. Take short courses. 

If you have to take up courses and trainings for your new job, start first by taking short introductory courses. This will get you back into the habit of studying.

You can also save time and money on the event that you decide that the subjects are not for you. You do not have to quit your regular job just to take these courses.

A lot of colleges and universities are already offering courses online through distance education. This would not only be a convenient option for you.

This will also save you a lot of money and time. You just have to look for ways for you to create more time to focus on your studies.

Set a schedule and cut out unnecessary activities.

Fulfilling your dream career may involve short-term sacrifices and lots of tradeoffs, but if the alternative is spending the rest of your life doing a job you don’t enjoy, the decision to change will be easy.

With your determination coupled with the support of your family, your dream career is just a leap of faith away from your reach.