How to Apply for a Single Exit Re-Entry Visa Online?

Do you know how to apply for a single exit re-entry visa with it’s new online system? Firstly, the most beneficial step of the Saudi Arabian government for the expatriates who are living in Saudi Arabia is perhaps their creation of the electronic systems in every government departments. Due to these electronic systems, everyone can easily log-in to their accounts and make on-line applications and check on updates of these applications even without going to the agency personally.

Before, you need to set at least one day for the application of a exit re-entry visa by visiting the Jawazat office. However, the below will explain a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for this particular visa online for fast and more efficient transaction.

Create an account for Abshir Services found in the Ministry of Interior website. If you are not familiar with how to create an account in the Abshir Services, you may check one of our related article for the steps you need to take.

1.Deposit the payment for the exit re-entry visa. Rest assured that the process of payment is already made easy. You can either pay online or via Saddad in the ATM of your own bank provider.

2. Log-in to your Abshir Services account at the Ministry of Interior website. Click “Dashboard” located at the upper side of your computer screen.

3. Dashboard your MOI account, and it will be opened. Look for the tab labeled “Dependents.” Once found, click the “More Details” button.

How to Apply for a Single Exit Re-Entry Visa?


4. It will open to a new window on your computer screen, which will contain details of all dependents under you. Choose the dependent that you wish to apply for the Exit Re-entry Visa.

5. After which, you need to click the “More Detail” button as shown in the illustration screened shot below. A drop down menu will appear with all the details related to the dependent. It will also show if the Passport Deposit of SR 200 is there or not. If there is no Passport Deposit of SR 200, it means that you cannot proceed for the issuance of the exit re-entry visa. Click the “Issue Visa” button

How to Apply for a Single Exit Re-Entry Visa?

6. You will come across a new screen which contains the terms and conditions you need to follow for the exit re-entry visa. As any terms and conditions, you also need to agree on all terms and conditions stated before you. These terms will include the following:

How to Apply for a Single Exit Re-Entry Visa?

  • The visa holder should be able to travel within 3 months after visa issuance. If the person was not able to travel, he/she will have a penalty. Should a program or schedule of going abroad is changed, you need to cancel your visa for exit re-entry. There is no charge for the cancellation. But if you won’t be able to cancel within the visa validity period, you’ll have a penalty to pay SR 1,000.
  • For renewed passports, details of the new passport will not appear on the website of the MOI. Hence, it is important for you to contact your company’s Mandoob to help with the information transfer or “NaqalMaloomat.”
  • For a mother whose children were on the passport, all the children appearing on the passport is also required to travel.
  • Passport validity should be at least 3 months during the time of the application for exit re-entry visa.
  • The exit re-entry visa can have a maximum of one year validity for dependents. You can even choose between two options for this: you can either choose the number of days or even the date before the traveler is required to come back. It is best though if you choose the second one, which is for the “Return before.” The date that you will encode will be 1 day before the expiry date of the Iqama. It will provide you with a maximum time. Re-check all information encoded and once they are correct, confirm the exit re-entry visa issuance.

How to Apply for a Single Exit Re-Entry Visa?

  • Though a visa print out is not required since it is not a requirement at the Saudi airport, it is still advisable that you keep a hard copy of it together with your passport. Not carrying a hard copy may lead to some problems when you decide to come back from your country. The immigration officers from your country may require and demand for the hard copy. If you have lost your copy or forgot to print, you can access your exit re-entry visa status online and show it to the officer of the immigration. However, you need to have an internet connection along with you if you plan to do this.