How to Apply for Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa for your Dependents: For you to bring your family and let them live in Saudi, you need to apply for a permanent family visa. After you have this, you have to send it to your family back home. Once they received, it will be processed in the agency and such visa will be stamped on their passports. When they arrive in KSA, you have to apply for an Iqama of family.

Procedure to apply for First Iqama of Dependents in Saudi Arabia

The procedure to Apply for first Iqama of dependents is different from regular annual Iqama renewal (for Muqeem, 5 years).

1.Obtain medical fitness certificate from a certified clinic or laboratory of your company.

2. Request your company to apply for your family member’s medical insurance based on border number. The border number will be used by the insurance company instead of the Iqama number or the Saudi ID. Wait for the completion of the insurance and it should be updated in the system of the MOI. If not updated in the system, your application will be rejected.

3. Fill a form from the Passport Office or the Saudi Jawazat. Make sure that you answer important sections such as the name, border number, and purpose of the form. Please note that the Sahib E Amal in this case is you i.e. the person applying for his family. So you give your name and Iqama the relevant box.

Iqama Form: How to Apply for Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

Iqama Form: How to Apply for Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

4. Include two pictures and have your company’s attestation which includes stamping one of the pictures. Your passport copy and Iqama should be attached along with the copies of the passport of your dependents.

5. Company stamp is required on your dependent’s picture on the form and on your Kafeel details. You can see that the attached pictures are seen in two different places on the form submitted at the Passport Office. No additional attestation is required for this.

6. Ask your company’s government relations officer for the relevant office where you will need to go for your application and fall in line there.

7. On your turn, show all of your documents to the personnel in charge. If everything is fine and your documents are complete, the Iqama will be issued to you there and then. Make sure that you check the details such as name and border number on the Iqama.

8. If you found some mistakes on the details, you can go to another counter for these corrections. However, you need to fill another form again with all the correct details and submit it along with the previously issued Iqama. Show the documents to the personnel and a new Iqama will be issued again.

9. Important reminder: No additional fee for the correction of information or the Iqama. But if you have not corrected it nor applied for an Iqama within three months, you have to pay a fine of SR 500.