How to Change the Iqama Photo?

How do you change the Iqama photo? Well, once you have passed the immigration desk in any of immigration department in Saudi Arabia, a photo of you has to be captured, this photo is used in your Iqama, driving license and some many legal document specific to its use. This is also used to confirm one’s identity and originality, changing this photo is one of the services government offices such as Jawazat offers.

For various reasons you may be required to change the picture on the Iqama, this may include facial changes such as development of beards, unappealing picture and many other. In a case of changing your photo you will have to follow the following procedure. The Jawazat offices are the most reliable government facility to acquire your desired Iqama photo.

At the Jawazat offices some officers sit in front of the departments with a camera tag hanged on his or her chest. He or she photographs you on producing the Iqama you want it to changed, your thumb has to be scanned to ascertain your identity and also to provide new finger prints for future use. You give out the Iqama to be updated, another Iqama will be printed is with the new passport sized photo implanted.

Your picture can be updated on the first visit, this depends on many factors among them, work load in the offices and others but on many occasions the photo is changed in the first visit. Though rarely, you might need to provide a source of legal advice. During Iqama renewal the picture and the finger print are always updated this is a good opportunity also to change the picture.

Application of Iqama for children, which happen at the child’s birth requires renewal every year. Therefore, as a parent you will be presenting the most recent photo of your son or daughter to the officials of the government relations facilities such as, Jawazat offices. These pictures are not updated but are needed for formality.

If you want the photo of your child to be replaced you have to clearly insist on that. This is because such changes are rare and are mostly taken lightly by the officials. If the change is not effected at this level you can initiate the process at any Jawazak offices.

At the Jawazak departments you are required to fill in some forms because you are the Kafeel of your child. Such processes should take one visit and ought not to be complicated since most of the Jawazat officials mainly those sitting at the gates are always willing to help.

Avoid errors in your Iqama, errors include wrong nationality, name, picture and any other detail that may be mismatching. If you are not a Saudi Arabian national make sure your Iqama is correctly recorded as such.

Minor error which can easily be confused to forgery can arise, such mismatch include wrong photo embedded on your Iqama or wrong Iqama number and so forth. There was once a Sri Lankan National who was arrested for owning an Iqama showing Saudi,  as his place of birth. His sponsor realized this and sued him and was later convicted on a court of law and jailed for being involved in forgery. The officials who issued him with the fake Iqama were also jailed alongside him.

If you notice any wrong information concerning your Iqama you are advised to only return the Iqama and apply for another as soon as possible, or better still notify the relevant offices of such occurrences to officiate its existence, this would be important evidence if convicted of any bleach of state’s laws and regulations concerning Iqama holders.


These procedures and policies from the concerned ministry may change without prior notice. Always check the site of the government agency to get updated details.