How to Pay for Single and Multiple Exit Re-­Entry Visa Fees?

Long gone are those days when we need to stand up and wait for long lines that are queuing in the banks for us to pay our bills and other much needed payments.

With the help of internet and computer, we no longer need to waste our time traveling to banks and waiting in line to pay the fees we need to settle. Thank God for internet banking, this made our banking experience easier and more convenient.

This article will tackle how you can make payments for the deposit fee for your exit re-entry visa using internet banking. Though we are using the example of SABB (Bank) on this sample process, rest assured that the process for the other banks are just almost the same.

To pay the exit re-entry visa fees, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Log-in to your account used for internet banking. Click Payments. For SABB, the tab is available at the left corner portion of the screen. See below

How to Pay for Single and Multiple Exit Re-­Entry Visa Fees

2. A drop down list will appear, choose Sadad New.

3. A new window will open. Select “Sadad Bills.”

4. A new window will appear and will show “Government Payments.”

5. Choose “Payment” as the type of transaction, and “Alien Control – Service Type – Single OR Multiple Exit Re-entry Visa” as the type of application.

It is important that you know what kind of exit re-entry visa you are applying for, there are only two.

The single exit re-entry visa can only be used once, however, you can apply for a multiple exit re-entry visa if you want to use it for several times. The fee for a single exit re-entry is around SR 200, while for the multiple exit re-entry visa is at SR 500.

How to Pay for Single and Multiple Exit Re-­Entry Visa Fees


6. Once you select the “Exit Re-entry Visa,” a new tab will open. Type in the Iqama number of the person applying for the Exit Re-entry Visa.

7. After encoding the number, select the account number which you will use as a payment if you have more than one account registered on the same bank.

8. Another screen will appear for the details of the account number that you will use for the payment, the Iqama number and other related details.

Re-check the details you have encoded and make sure that these details are correct. If you found something wrong or you need to edit some parts, cancel the process and restart with the procedure from the first step.

If everything is correct, click “Confirm” to finish the process of depositing the payment for your exit re-entry visa. You will also receive a confirmatory message on your mobile phone with the details of the transaction that you just made.