How to Pay Iqama or Muqeem Transfer Fee Online?

According to the Saudi Arabian Labor Law it is clearly stated that the responsibility of paying the fee of transfer of sponsorship lies with the new sponsors. Now, the unanswered question that rings in the mind of most expatriates is, how much is the fee for transfer of sponsorship? The precise answers to this question have been summarized in the table below.

Fee for Iqama Transfer Amount (SR)
Fee for First Iqama Transfer SR 2,000
Fee for Second Iqama Transfer SR 4,000
Fee for Third Iqama Transfer and Onwards SR 6,000

However using the Internet Banking in Saudi Arabia I am going to take you through the steps you will have to pass through in order to pay Transfer of Sponsorship. This procedure is more or less similar to that of other companies.

1. The first step to doing this will be to login to your internet banking account. For this article, we will use SABB. Thereafter, check through the page and click on the “SADAD” and the for “SADAD Bills – My Bills” tab. Immediately, a new screen will pop up and open from where you just need to select “Expatriate Services” as illustrated in the screenshot below.

How to Pay for Single and Multiple Exit Re-­Entry Visa Fees

2. After you are accurately done with the above procedure, select “Payment” in the Transaction Type and “Transfer of Sponsorship” which is found in the Application Type. There on you will be required to enter the Iqama number that you will find in step 3 then you will click on the “Proceed” button as in the screenshot below.

Ensure you are very keen in every step you undertake because if you happen to mess up at one stage you will have to do it over again.

3. Next in line a screen will be opened in which details about the Iqama holder are clearly mentioned. In this stage you are required to maintain a high level of accuracy by ensuring that you enter all the details in the right manner. The system will only deduct the right amount of fee that will be paid automatically based on the number of transfers that were already made in the past.  The best way to illustrate this would be the case in which you want to undertake a second transfer of the Iqama holder and the system in return asking you to pay SR 4,000 for the same.

In the event that the details that are fed into the system are correct, then all you have to do is to click on the “Confirm” button.

Once the appropriate amount is paid and registered by the system, you can go ahead and check into the MOI website in order to confirm that the amount has been successfully paid.