17 “Too Real” Graphs of People With Introverted Personality

1. Introverts are people who are shy and quiet. They find it difficult to approach and meet new people:

So many stereotypes, so little time:

2. They don’t want to answer a phone call immediately but they are a great listener which makes them an excellent friend:Why people still insist on calling when they could text is beyond you:

3. You are not an anti-social, you are just being misunderstood:No, you're not antisocial:

4. You love to socialize but, you prefer a more intense conversation:You have the perfect system for socializing:

5. You are cranky sometimes and you find socializing a very tiring activity:You? Cranky? OK, sometimes.

6. You love to go on an adventure:Sometimes you just want to get away:

7. You love to date too. Not all introverts are shy. They also love to spend time with lots of people:You might want to date, but your introvert batteries have other ideas:

8. You are struggling with what you look like:The struggles of Resting Bitch Face:

9. You love reading and it is a great way to deter from talking you in public:NEVER FORGET YOUR BOOK AT HOME:

10. You have a different stage of socializing:The adventures of leaving your safe and cozy room:

11. You love to party:

You definitely don't hate parties:

12. You want to have a place alone for yourself:Some things are basically pornographic:

13. You want to hang out with yourself:Hanging out with yourself is a legit commitment that some people don't get:

14. Being with the crowd is draining:Crowds just suck your energy reserves DRY:

15. You can convey your thoughts through writing. You are also a great decision maker and a compassionate leader:

You definitely have a preferred method of communication:

16. You also love extroverts. The relationship between you is very rewarding:FYI, we don't hate on extroverts:

17. It is awesome to be an introvert. They can be great writers, artists, and a problem solver:Seriously, being an introvert is awesome: