Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s What an Expat Can Say.

Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s what an expat Filipino would say about Saudi Arabia, as his second home.

For someone who has been living in the country for some years, I consider it to be a better place to live than most developed countries, western countries included.

While walking in Saudi Arabia’s streets, you don’t feel the same threat that you do while strolling in Manila’s streets.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made laws which are very hard on people who are in drug smuggling. The rule governing this is in full implementation. In fact, the police are empowered and have greater degree of control in borders and other stations which may be an entry point for drugs.

Although, the controls do not ensure full proof drug safety, the country is safer than many countries with the USA included.

Drug users are very few as it is very difficult to have access to drugs. Based on US statistics, about 25 Million people of the US population use illegal drugs. In Saudi Arabia, those who use drugs are extremely penalized and fined.

Aside from that, Saudi Arabia’s homes are safer. In fact, less than 0.01% of the homes have cameras or security alarms as it is not needed. I never heard of house intrusions with robbery as the primary intention.

Concerns on robbery are close to nil especially in main city areas. However, there have been reports about robbery from people living in lesser populated remote areas and areas where expats live.

The main reason for the decrease in Saudi Arabia’s crime rate is the fact that offenders have severe punishments.

Rapists in the kingdom are stoned to death by the general public. Murderers in Saudi Arabia are beheaded in the presence of the general public.

Another rule in the Kingdom is that all crimes are punished in the presence of the general public to create fear in the minds of the country’s residents.

As to terrorism, the chance of Al Qaida committing any crime in Saudi Arabia is law due to many reasons. For one, Saudi Arabia is a country that warrants respect from all Muslim countries and Al Qaida happens to be a Muslim organizations.

Although there have been bombings in Saudi Arabia Masjids by some rebellious organizations, Saudi forces are well trained and prepared to combat these.

The government is treating the matter with utmost seriousness and the country’s conditions will soon be back to normal. In conclusion, I feel safer in Saudi Arabia compared to my home country, Philippines.