15 Facts About Jawazat Fees, That Must Be Paid By a Saudi Expat

Jawazat is one of the most important immigration offices in Saudi Arabia. National documents such as the iqama and others are applied for and obtained in these offices. Charges are associated with any of the services they offer, where expats are not sure of the exact charges for specific services. Some people complain of those charges since they perceive those charges as free. Consequently, questions are raised on the credibility of paying for such services.

The following are some of the charges you are supposed to incur to be served in any Jawazat office for any of the services they offer.

  1. To apply for visa in Saudi to be used by domestic workers you are required to pay SR, 2,300/-.
  2. Total amount you need to pay during first application for your Iqama is SR 600 SR 500/- being for application of the iqama while the remaining SR 100/- is license fee.
  3. Domestic workers applying for renewal of iqama are required to pay SR 350, SR 250/- for renewal while SR 100/- for licensing.
  4. For workers working in business their iqama renewal fee is higher than others with a fee of SR 750 where by SR 500/- is used for iqama, SR 100/- working license and the remaining amount is the Human Resource fee.
  5. Transferring sponsorship to another company, your current sponsor is required to pay SR 2,000/- if applying for the first time. For a second application of the same you are supposed to pay SR 4,000/- with a SR 150/- for the human resource. A third application of such transfer is charged SR 6,000/- with a similar SR 150/- for the Human Resource.
  6. Fee for updating your children iqama which is done every year is SR 2,000/-. This only applies for any child born outside Saudi.
  7. Adding your child’s iqama for natives is free. Including replacing a picture is needed.
  8. Applying for a permanent family visa will require a fee of SR 2,000/- is required.
  9. Transferring your wife’s sponsorship attract a fee of SR 2,000/- .
  10. Among others, Jawazat also provide professional transfer services, this services are charged at SR 1,000.
  11. Extending your family’s visa card is charged a fee of SR 100/-.
  12. Single exit re-entry visa is offered in any of the jawazak offices, this services are charged a fee of not less than SR 200/-.
  13. While applying for a multiple visa re-entry in jawazak you will have to pay a fee of SR 500/- with no licensing.
  14. A final exit visa issuance should not be charged any money, unless your iqama is not valid where you will need to first renew it paying renewal fee alone.
  15. If caught using a fake exit re-entry visa you attract a fine of not less than SR 1,000/- or a jail term. This also include any use of exit re-entry visa by a wrong Iqama Many other severe punishment are enforced towards any use of fake documents, failure to pay the required fines is proceeded by a long or short jail term depending on the crime committed.

It should be noted that any re-entry visa no longer in use should be cancelled, cancelling of such documents is done by the Jawazat department too.

  1. Application and issuance of Saudi passport is charged at SR 150/-.

Not all fees charged in Jawazat department is included in this list, the amount charged reflect the prizes set as per year 2015. Any adjustments although barely none had been established until time of publication.

  • M.Akhter

    I am an engineer living in KSA and I made exit-rentry of my family but unfortunatly I could,t used this or cancelled as I was thinking that will cancelled automatically in stipulated time.It was happened due to worsted economical condition and fire many people.I was among of them in Dec-2015 and give me transfer.Due to transfer of my I could not send my family back.
    Since 5 months I am jobless and want to send my family but When I tried to pay exit reentry they are asking 1200 each and I have six family members and I dont have single riyal to live and eat so I want to send I have no money to pay 7200 riyal.
    Kindly tell me any solution to solve this problem.Is it possible the fine could be forfitted or removed

    • mulla

      Exit re-entry for children is costly unless you show them the official bonafide certificate from their respective schools and make sure to attest the bonafide

  • M.Akhter

    Simply I made exit reentry of my family but could not go to my country or did,t use in 2 months and it cancelled automatically so they asking fine 1000 sr on each passport and I have 6.Any body can give me solution to remove this fine even I am willing to send my family on final exit

  • Javed Ahmed

    I sent back my family for final exit. Can I get again permanent visa for my family

    • mulla

      Yes you can, First you need your marriage certificate attested