9 Skills That Can Make You Marketable in UAE and to the World!

What are the skills that UAE employers are looking for? You can go through this guide to learn more.

Based on the information gathered from the region’s largest career portal, we already know what UAE employers are interested in when they are interested in hiring new people.

Bayt.com’s VP for Employer Solutions Suhail Masri said that with new projects such as smart cities, make hiring prospects better. The data below is based on the Middle East Job Index Survey 2016 of Bayt.com and it also takes site statistics into consideration to know how things look from an employer’s perspective.

Ideals Skills That an Employee Must Possess


1. Ability to work in a team

Of the UAE companies surveyed, 49 percent expressed interest over employees who are team players. In fact, it is considered to be the most desirable quality stating that the ability to work as a team is the primary consideration.


2. Bi-lingual language/communication skills

Of the total number of employers surveyed, 46 percent expressed that the second most desirable skill in employees is the ability to communicate both in English and Arabic.


3. Work Efficiency

Of the employers who responded, 41 percent said that they valued efficiency and productivity next.


4. Leadership Abilities

Many employers feel that the ability to lead is desirable in new hires. In fact, 40 percent responded that this skill is not common among jobseekers.


5. Ability to communicate in English

Given the fact that UAE is an international melting pot, excellent English communication skills is valuable. Among the respondents, 39 percent believed that every new hire must possess this skill.


6. Working under pressure

In any type of working environment, there will always be pressure and stress in the equation and it is desirable for any employee to remain calm and cool even in a heated workplace. Of the UAE employers who responded, 39 percent wanted this quality in their employee.


7. Great negotiation skills

Since most business deals are about knowing how to use the right persuasion skills, it pays to have a member of the team who possesses great skills in negotiation. In fact, 35 percent of UAE employers believe that this skill is a must.


8. An initiative for making a difference

Employees who are willing to act on their own initiative to bring about positive changes are hard to find. This is a quality that can bring companies to greater heights. Of the employers who responded, 35 percent wanted to see this skill in their new employee.


9. Courage to step up and accept challenges

Someone who takes on challenges is bound to be responsible and has an appetite for taking risks. For employees, this implies the ability to take on opportunities and 35 percent of the employers in UAE believe that their new hire should have the ability to tackle challenges.


h/t: Gulf News