Muslims to fast over 15 hours in UAE

In the coming Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims living in the UAE will be fasting as much as 15 hours and 10 minutes, and are expected to continue until 2018 for the long hours of daylight.

While the season is fast approaching, few weeks from now, do you know how many hours will Muslims in the UAE be fasting for?

Wam, a news agency recently issued a statement and said: “The new moon of Ramadan is to appear on June 5 at around 6.59pm UAE time, but it will disappear at around 7.25pm or 17 minutes after sunset of the same day.” – Ibrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor at Sharjah Planetarium,

Al Jarwan also pointed out that even there’s low heigh of the new moon of Ramadan, it can still be viewed and witnessed using the advanced devices.

Moreover, “The fasting time will reach a maximum of 15 hours and 10 minutes,” said Al Jarwan, who is also a researcher in the fields of astronomy.

Accordingly, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on the 6th of June and for four weeks; while temperatures are expected to remain at an average of 42 and 43 degrees Celsius across UAE.

Since 2012, the hours of fasting during the Ramadan in the country has been the longest ever recorded and it will extend until 2018.

“The fasting time has increased by 10 minutes every Ramadan since 2012, and [long periods] of fasting happens every 33 years.

Residents of the eastern coast of the country will be the first to break and start their fast, while those living at the western region and the emirate of Abu Dhabi will be the last.”

Check the prayer times here.


h/t: Gulf Time