2 Brilliant Tips To Safely Play, Office Politics

Are you vying for a promotion or an increase in pay? Is your hard work not given due recognition? Do you want to keep your job and move up the ladder? Then you should learn the skill of handling office politics.

Understanding and handling office politics is a very essential skill which will help you survive and excel in your workplace.

As every aspect of your professional career is influenced by office politics, understanding this social maneuvering would be important for your professional advancement and financial well-being.

Since the term is generally a negative connotation, most people see it as something to be avoided as much as possible.

As office politics is usually linked to power, manipulation, conspiracy and taking sides, its pervasive connotation makes it a taboo for most of the people.

Though it may not be in your liking to be involved in such a minefield, office politics is something that you cannot avoid in any organization.

To help you succeed and survive the corporate “food chain”, you must educate yourself on how to deal with office politics- be it avoiding bad politics or handling good politics and the opportunities that come with it.

So how can you make politics work for you?

1. Understand how the organization works.

You must identify who is the Big Boss or the “Big Fish” in terms of political power. Determine who have the real influences and the decision makers in the office.

These usually are the supervisors, managers, executives and presidents of the company.


2. Don’t be afraid of the influential people in your workplace.

Get to know them and align yourself with them. Build a relationship with them so you’ll have a greater chance of being recognized. Once you built a relationship with your superiors and you work closely with them, it would be easier for you to be noticed.

The big bosses would only want to work with people who they can trust and get the work done effectively and efficiently. So give your best effort because it is your time to show-off your potentials and skills.

When the “Big Fish” recognizes your achievements and effectiveness, more windows of opportunities will be opened for you.

You will be given more opportunities to handle more responsibilities and your chance of moving up the ladder will increase.

You will have a higher possibility for promotion, increased compensation and career advancement when you work for the “Big Fish”.

Working for the big boss gives you a chance to promote yourself and your team to the right person.

Through positive political action, you will be able to gain access to more information about the company, build visibility of your achievements and you will be closer to more opportunities.

Office politics is not at all bad. It only becomes negative when used to gain unfair advantage in the workplace at the expense of other people or of the greater good. When dealt with strategically, it can be a great tool for your career advancement.

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