How to Apply Online for Hajj in Saudi Arabia?

Hajj is an Islamic pilgrimage that is observed every year in Mecca and it is a religious duty of a Muslim to perform even once in their lifetime.

This activity is only for adult Muslims who are financially and physically stable to undertake the journey. The Muslim should also be able to support his family while performing the pilgrimage and not to spend all their money on it.

Today, it is not too hard to perform Hajj because you don’t have to face the difficulties of traveling from long distances. Performing Hajj is very easy if you are from Saudi Arabia. If a Muslim from another country wants to perform Hajj, he must have his passport at all times. The following are the basic procedures on how how to apply online for Hajj from Saudi Arabia.


Online procedure to apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia

If you would like to apply online for Hajj, you need to check first if you are eligible to apply. As a rule, you can only perform Hajj once in every 5 years. If you are eligible to perform Hajj this year, you need to start the Online Application.

The first step is to open the web portal of Ministry of Hajj. A new page will open where you will enter the number of participants who would like to join and the city where you would like to perform it. Select the normal fare and submit. Children after 5 years of age don’t need to have a Hajj permit if their mother is performing Hajj.

A new screen page will open where you can find quotations from Hajj operators. You can explore this data anyway you like.

The next step is to give the name of all the pilgrims and their details on the given tab. You also have to write your sponsor id. You also need to give the date of birth according to Arabic calendar.

A female person is not allowed to travel without a male mahram. You also need to provide the details of her male companion. After filling all the required details, click on the submit button.

A new page will open where you have to select the additional services with charges as well. Just check the respective box if you would like it to be included in your package and submit.

You have to admit with their terms and conditions too. Before agreeing, please read the following carefully:

  1. To avoid the automatic cancellation of your reservation, you must pay within 72 hours.
  2. Failure to full the payment in the allowed time will cancel your reservation.
  3. The same number cannot be used in more than one reservation
  4. Achieving the wishes of the Mutajil or Mutakhir will be as available.
  5. It is not allowed for the pilgrims to make more than one reservation.

A new page will open to confirming your booking. You will also receive an SMS message with the requirements that you have to submit. Just print the confirmation and contact the agent on the given number. You can ask questions and once you are satisfied with the answer, you can make your payment.

Once you deposited the payment on the given IBAN number, you need to wait for a couple of days and check your status on the Ministry of Hajj website. If your status has been changed to “paid applicant”, it means that you finished the process. You just have to wait for two days and your Hajj permit will be available on their website. You can print your Hajj permit for you to have a hard copy of it.

Please note that procedures may change from time to time, online or offline, and as of this writing. So please check the Ministry of Hajj‘s site to know the updated details.