23 Funny Photos That Won’t Make Sense If You’re An Only Child

1.When you want to go shower but your sibling wants to go first.When you say you're getting in the shower but your sibling's like: "Nope, I'm showering first!"

2. When you have to argue who will sit in the passenger’s seat.

When you have to get into a full-on war for the front seat every single car journey.

3. When he purposely took your seatbelt hole.Except when you both have to sit in the back, and then there's this problem.

4. When you are forced to share your food. When you have to share some food.

Wit Studio / Via Twitter: @Zuccros

5. When you did something bad and the blame is on your siblings.

When you do something wrong and your sibling gets the blame for it.

6. When your mum can’t mention your name properly every time she calls you.

When your mum calls you all the other names in your family before getting yours right.

7. When you are fighting on what to watch.When you can't agree on what to watch.

8. And when you take the remote with you so they can’t change the channel.And when you take the remote out of the room with you so your sibling can't change the channel.

9. When you unintentionally hit them and they suddenly cry so loud.When you accidentally hit them too hard and have to stop them crying so you don't get in trouble.

10. When your mum gave you something without your siblings knowing.When your mum buys you something and tells you not to tell your siblings.

11. When you are being noisy.When you're going through your sibling's stuff and hear them coming upstairs.

12. When you give them a present. When you give your sibling a Christmas present.

13. When you are asking something from your parents.When you tell your sibling to go ask your parents for something but they mention your name.

14. When you have to tell your sibling your secret.When your sibling says they're telling on you.

15. When all you can do is mock their voice. When you've got no comeback so all you can do is mock their voice.

16. When your siblings are making fun of you. When your sibling's being a dick but your parents are in the room too.

17. When someone says your sibling is good looking. When someone says they fancy your sibling.

18. When you are having fun listening as your parents are roasting your siblings.When your sibling's getting told off real bad and you can't help but watch.

Paramount TV / Via Twitter: @SangomaNunu

19. When you like to try something that can hurt them: “Hey, let me try that on you – I won’t do it properly.” 

When you're like: "Hey, let me try that on you – I won't do it properly."

20. When they occupied your favourite spot. When your sibling takes the seat you were literally ~just~ in.

Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @Grace88523548

21. When they left you with nothing to eat. When you ask your sibling to save you some cereal.

22. When you need someone to lean on.When you need a hero.

23. And when you realized that they are your sibling.

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