18 Photos That Only People With Sisters Will Understand

Most of us know what it feels like to grow up with a sibling but not everyone knows what it is like to have a sister. It doesn’t matter how many little fights you get in, the times you take each other’s clothes or the times you said you hate each other. So here are some pictures that only people with sisters will understand:

1. When you are meddling with her things.

2. When she caught you wearing her shirt:

When you try to leave the house wearing her shirt:

3. When you caught her wearing yours:

4. When you hit her unintentionally:

When things get physical:

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5. When you are irritating each other all the time:

6. When you convinced your parents to believe you:

7. When you were fighting over the remote:

8. When you got no space to put your stuff on:

9. When someone appreciates your sister:

10. When both of you want to sit on the front seat:

11. When she took the shower last:

When you know exactly who took a shower last:

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12. When she is playing innocent:

13. When you need to end an argument with a hug:

14. When she is mocking you secretly:

When she starts laughing about something bad you did right in front of your parents:

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15. When she took your place on your favourite spot:

16. When you two are fighting secretly:

17. When you are obliged to watch them over:

When your parents put you in charge:

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18. When you need her help: