Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia: Ultimate Tips on Hajj and Umrah

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. It is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith, such as Kabbah in Saudi Arabia in the holy cities of Meccah and Medina. Now, if you are coming to Saudi Arabia to perform this activity, you should be mindful of the following:


Guideline for pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

1.Each pilgrim should have a valid passport

2.Each pilgrim should have required health documents

3.Each pilgrim should get a free-of-charge entry visa from the Saudi Embassy in his country

4.Air and sea pilgrims should surrender their passports and tickets to the foundation or civil service groups

5.Each pilgrim should attach and Arabic ID card with photo and personal data. It should have a stamp from Hajj authority and from the Saudi consulate

6.After finishing the procedure of passport and customs, the passport should be delivered to the agents of the United Agents Office to complete the procedure to Makkah or Madinah.

7.Pilgrim should follow the construction of pilgrims’ residency places and abide by the traveling schedules.

8.Each pilgrim should consider the sanctity of Two Sacred Mosques and respect the regulations of KSA.

9.Each pilgrim should carry an ID card from Tawafa foundation in Makkah or service groups in Madinah, or a stamped card from his country.

10.Each pilgrim should keep 12 photos to be used for the request.

11.Each pilgrim should keep his official documents and money to Tawafa foundation or its service groups or at safe-deposits in pilgrims’ hotels.

12.If a pilgrim wants to visit his kinship he should get a permit from the ministry branches of Makkah, Madinah, or Jeddah.


Pilgrimage Safety and Security regulations

1.To avoid sun strikes, use and umbrella and take extra liquid drinks

2.Avoid sleeping under buses and vehicles

3.Avoid bedding on platforms and roads to avoid the impending of the movement of other pilgrims

4.Avoid sitting or sleeping in the tunnels

5.Avoid keeping fiery materials

6.Do not light a fire on your tent, however, use the specified places for cooking

7.Keep a fire extinguisher inside your tent just in case of emergency

8.In case of fire, switch off the electricity

9.If there is fire, report immediately

10.When you leave your residence, switch off the electricity power

11.Avoid riding on the roof of buses or any vehicles

12.Avoid overcrowded and scrambles places


Pilgrimage Rules and regulations to be observed when entering the kingdom for 

1.Any attempt to tamper or breach the security will lead to arrest, accountability and deterrent punishment by the Saudi security apparatus

2.Pilgrims are not allowed to work inside the Kingdom, nor pilgrims are strictly prohibited from begging

3.Attempt to carry, use, or trade drugs will subject the owners to the maximum penalties including death penalties

4.Moving on the Hajj places is strictly not allowed and also overstaying in the Kingdom after the performance of Hajj

5.Pilgrims should only bring the necessary things to avoid delaying in the inlets