7 Major Fail-Proof Considerations Before Quitting Your Job

Eager in quitting your job? Firstly, before you ask on how to do it, consider that today’s world is based on work.

You may be either employed and work for a company or working on your own business, or both.

You could also be owning someone else’s business, and let that work for you. It’s all about working for yourself, working for someone else and letting others work for you.

Everything seems all about work that you seem to forget to live your life.

So you like working, huh?Are you enjoying going to work everyday riding on a cramped bus or train or driving your own wheels waiting hours for the traffic to clear out?

Are you happy with your job?

Do you have a harmonious relationship with your boss and co-workers? Can you imagine your life without work?

Well, you are lucky that you still have a job to sustain you.

If you already feel like giving up and quitting your current job, utilize first all of the following concepts as a reminder that after all you’ve experienced, no matter what happens, you can’t just easily give up!

1. Education

The gruelling nights you spent burning midnight candles while your friends are enjoying their youth and social life, the hardships your parents and family went through just to let you finish your degree; all of those sacrifices just to get you where you are right now.

What is the use of those degrees and certifications if they will not be utilized in your work?


2. Job Search Process

Just think of what you went through just to land on your current job.

You’ve invested your time, money and effort just to get employed. Are you ready to put all of those into waste?

If you don’t know yet, there are lots of unfortunate aspiring applicants who cannot even afford to buy decent clothes for their interviews, some just settle for contractual jobs with meager income and no benefits just to make ends meet.

So you are lucky enough to have a decent job where you get more experience and reasonable pay.

If you are not currently happy with what you do, try to take a break or change your career.


3. Salary

It is not always easy to find an employer which offers competitive compensation package.

Your salary is your stable source of income. If you quit your job, how will you pay your bills?

How will you maintain your lifestyle?

Be sure that you have enough funds to cushion you if you quit your job. Venturing on a business might be attractive, but it is always practical to keep your job.

If the payslips stop coming, what will be your other source of stable income?


4. Team

Don’t burn bridges. Remember your co-workers and superiors can be considered as your second family.

The relationship you’ve built will help you beyond the walls of your office. I

f dealt with properly, your co-workers can even motivate you to do your job well.

Honestly, they could be one of the reasons why it is difficult to leave a job.


5. Routine

Are you bored with your work that you just do it mechanically and you always feel exhausted after the day? Are you tired of following the schedules and routines? Maybe you just need a rest.

Remember that it is our everyday routine activities that make a special happening extraordinary. You may not realize it now but, your work plays a great part in your life.

In fact, many miss their work after being away for quite some time or after retiring.


6. Benefits

Where else can you get an insurance policy, medical and educational package if not from your employment? If you are not employed are you sure to avail of any of those on your own?

Somehow, your employer has served as an intermediary for you to avail of the benefits that the government offers.

Also don’t forget the bonuses your company grants you. I know, that’s one of the things you really look forward to in your employment.


7. Pension Plan

Though the amounts may not be that big, at least you are sure to receive money even after you stop working. This is one way to make sure that you continue to receive money even after the payslips stop coming.

These are only some of the things to consider when you quit a job.

However, if you really made up your mind and you are 100% sure of getting out, take a leap and stand by your decision! Maybe you just really need to rearrange your life and you have other better options.