How to Replace a Lost Iqama…and Its Surprising Penalties?

Iqama is the most essential document for you as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. The consequences that you could be prone to in case you are caught without your Iqama would be a jail term, a fine or even worse of deportation.

It is a must by the Law that you should carry your original Iqama wherever you go to while you reside here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In case you would like to have a look at whatever you would be facing as penalty and fines due to traveling minus your Iqama then read further:

1st offense: SR1,000

2nd Offense: SR2,000

3rd Offense: SR3,000

“If expat dependents including wife and children engage in any work or business without permit, they will face SR1,000 fine for the first time, SR2,000 for the second time and SR3,000 for the third time. The police department will then make a proposal to the interior minister to deport the violator,” explained Jeddah Police Director Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Qahtani during a business meet at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday.

And for the expatriates who have expired work or visit visas would be jailed, fined and deported if caught. “An expat giving shelter to another expat overstaying his/her visa may also face deportation,”

The nature of the Iqama makes it very vulnerable to breakage or even burning since it is simply made of plastic. This means that as an Expatriate you ought to be keen with the way you handle your Iqama.

An Iqama that is damaged in any way will not be accepted by the authorities at any cost and for this reason, when your Iqama is lost or damaged you should go and replace it from Jawazat.

The procedure of replacement of lost or damaged Iqama is very simple and straight away as deduced in the easy to follow steps below.


How to Replace Damaged or Lost Iqama?

  1. Once your Iqama is damaged, you will need to seek the assistance of the government relations officer of the company that you are currently working with. You should request him to print a form of replacement of Jawazat which is found in the Website of Jawazat and ask him to fill it out on the behalf of your sponsor or Kafeel. Moreover, you require the signatures and stamp of your sponsor or kafeel on the form of replacement. Furthermore, you can easily access the form by downloading it from this link.
  2. There are some conditions that you should consider before getting the renewal. If your Iqama still has validity that could last up to one year, then you will have to make a payment of SR 500 that is a bit fair. In case the Iqama was valid for a period of more than a year then you will be required to pay an amount of SR 1,000/-. Do not be worried about where to go next because the officers in charge of government relations or the agents that are located in front of the main gate of Jawazat office will give you assistance in this regard.
  3. It is very important to check if you have any unpaid traffic violations of fines under your Iqama. Before you can get a replacement of your Iqama from the office of Jawazat you will have to pay off the fines and penalties.
  4. Once you get to the Jawazat office and you are unsure about where to head next, you do not have to panic since you can inquire it from anyone around the building since most of them work there. At all stages you should be having your documents with you. Immediately you are done with the submission of your application successfully, a New Iqama will be handed to you.

Documents Required for Lost or Damaged Iqama

  • The Iqama form
  • The damaged iqama
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Proof of payment of Iqama fee
  • Passport in Original and copy
  • 2 passport size photos

These procedures and policies from the concerned ministry may change without prior notice. Always check the site of the government agency to get updated details.

Source: Arab News