Engineers Are Now Required To Take SCE Test Before Getting An Iqama

In a statement, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Head of the Engineering Offices, Talal Samarqandi, that all expat engineers in Saudi Arabia are required to undergo a series of examinations before obtaining work permits and licenses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In an earlier announcement made by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), they found out that 1200 engineers who worked in the Kingdom are fraudulent or fake.

All foreigners or expats entering the Kingdom using an engineer’s visa had the visa changed if they were not real engineers. Furthermore, Samarqandi mentioned that their aim is to ensure that every professional engaged in the engineering industry were real ones and not frauds. He added that of the 200,000 engineers in Saudi Arabia, 1200 submitted certificates that were either fake or fraudulent. Currently, all engineers are accredited and there is a new system in development to differentiate the fake engineers from the real ones.

In addition, Samarqandi released a statement that engineers hoping to work in Saudi Arabia will be required, in any circumstances, to go through and pass a series of technical examinations. A partnership with the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (QIYAS) to help out with these technical certification tests. Two tests will be administered with the first one touching on basic engineering and principles for fresh graduates and the second one is for those engineers with experience of more than 10 years to allow them to be qualified as project directors.

For fresh graduates, Samarqandi added that there will be an annual exam for them so their work license will remain and they can move up in their career. He also added that SCE is tackling the issue professionally and are planning to hold a forum for Jeddah’s male and female engineers. He also expressed his appreciation to the council for decreasing training course fees from SAR 5,000 to SAR 1,000.

Moreover, he added that Saudi Engineers account for 25% of the Kingdom’s total engineers. Needless to say, even with this number only 4% of these engineers are in SCE as there are only 7,000 Saudi engineers of the 108,000 members and the rest are expatriates. Fraudulent engineers should be caught and they have to be removed from their respective projects to ensure that all structures are sturdy and safe.

H/T: Arab News