The Reason Why Most Expats Are Pushing for Saudi Green Cards and Hopes To ’Make it Happen Soon

Saudi green card benefits: A ‘permanent’ card is what any immigrant  would aim for, before deciding to go to any country. Most developed countries like the USA have their green cards such that if anyone is thinking about going to stay in the country for work or permanent residence then they can use it. This green card guaranties safety for the immigrants of their lives and even that of their families.

In Saudi however, in the past years, there has been the use of Iqama (now Muqeem) as a legal document of residence. The procedure of getting Iqama and the way it works was close to that of a green card but did not guarantee the expatriate’s longevity or had limitations to some point. However, things are changing now and news about the introduction and issuance of Saudi Arabia Green Card are spreading far and wide besides being welcomed with great joy and anxiety.

The green cards are set to bear a wide number of fruitful results in regard to both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the expatriates particularly those with plans of a permanent residence in KSA. This will apply for them and even their children that are born and raised in Saudi. This means that the kingdom will actually become their second home and they will be able to work and find job easily.

This basically implies that with time, expatriates will have a status such that they will neither be citizens of their country nor those of the kingdom but they will have the ability legally to stay in the kingdom as long as they want and will be part of the Saudi society.

The off springs of the expatriates will now be able to learn here or finish their education in the kingdom and form a strong labor force and provide their services for economic development of the kingdom while as well earning a living through the same.

From many strong and developed economies such as China and Japan, it can be seen that a large population is a very big determinant of economic growth. Such counties were not at the same place as they are at the moment in about two decades ago but due to an industrious large population, strong economic policies and good leadership they have gone up the ladder in terms of economic growth and development.

For this reason, Saudi Arabia is willing to take in as much expatriates as possible with the condition that they have a job which implies that they too desire to grow economically. In the past few decades the Kingdom has been growing gradually in terms of development. With the great leadership and wise policies adopted by the late King Abdulaziz and his inheritors, Saudi at the moment is one of the most developed countries in the world.

One of the great policies of this time is the introduction of Green Cards which is going to mark the next step in the further development of the Kingdom. Green Cards will not only provide protection and satisfaction among the expatriates but will also entice and encourage them to invest more in their savings within the kingdom.

Mostly they will undertake such an investment if they are certain that they will stay in the kingdom for a long time hence save for their children or siblings. From a rough estimate of the activities of the expatriates it is prospected that about a million riyals will be made as an investment by a million expatriates which will intern lead to a boost in the economy of Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand the youths of Saudi  are going to benefit hugely from this step by the government. Through this benefiting policy and investment, they will have employment opportunities created for them leading to a relative reduction in remittances as in the case of non-nationals who are settled in other countries which serves as a tool in economic advancement.

Most developed countries encourage immigration in order to attract investment and with the Green Card, Saudi Arabia will be at the heights of the greatest economic growth.

Source: Arab News